Sunday, 24 March 2013

Kingdom of fools - oh Kenya!

Mkawasi Mcharo Hall

By Mkawasi Mcharo Hall

ICC witnesses.. I was coerced.. coached.. I've been asked to recant.. I stand by my revised affidavit that recants my former evidence.. Justice weeps, homeless mothers cry, children born in tattered tents shiver through 5 years of neglect, young men drown their dejection in blinding moonshine, K street floods with sisters trying to make ends meet, a struggling father squats his family on the edge of a thousand acres owned by a wealthy man that's now someone's god. A kingdom of fools rises, awed by their human gods in power, shedding emotional tears at every family picture they see of these master-gods, mounting scathing attacks against anyone who questions their legitimacy, casting callously calculated suspicion on civil society's attempt at fixing broken institutions. And now we all want to move on, building a kingdom of fools. Shush! There are thousands of us doing just fine, don't halt the march of the bourgeoisie. There's football to watch, Nigeria to humor, Jesus to thank, Chinese to welcome, a piece of Kenya's pie to dangle at nations that hesitate to say congratulations Sir, Babel skyscrapers of Vision 2030 to mount up to the heavens... We move on, building a kingdom of fools.

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