Thursday, 21 March 2013

Words of AHMEDNASIR ABDULLAHI: Tribute to Raila, An Enigma in Kenyan Politics

Unfortunately, this an excerpt of what AHMEDNASIR ABDULLAHI, currently representing IEBC in the presidential petition, said on February 2 2013, published in the Daily Nation, and I quote:

"The IEBC deliberately turned a blind eye to the law. It refused to adhere to the law. For instance, candidates who did multiple defections were given nomination certificates contrary to the law.

Candidates with multiple party certificates were cleared. Influential politicians were consulted in hotel rooms by members of the commission on how to rule on sensitive cases.

Most alarming, and this out of my civic duty, I have shared my utter disbelief with the chairman of the commission on the conduct of a commissioner.

This commissioner, using male relatives, was calling parties with cases before the commissioners and soliciting bribes. His modus operandi was to inform the victim that he already had an offer from the complainant and that he would rule in favour of the accused if the counter offer was better. Can we entrust such a commissioner with our fate on March 4? I have my fears."

Judge for yourself!

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