Monday, 6 May 2013

Schools reopen under new rules

PHOTO | STEPHEN MUDIARI Students in Nairobi on their way to school on May 5, 2013.
PHOTO | STEPHEN MUDIARI Students in Nairobi on their way to school on May 5, 2013.  NATION MEDIA GROUP
Posted  Sunday, May 5   2013 at  23:30
Schools reopen on Monday across the country for the Second Term as new rules meant to enhance discipline in the institutions are set to come into force.
The new rules which have been developed in accordance with the Basic Education Act should start functioning this term as soon as the Attorney-General approves them.
If approved, the rules will ensure that head teachers keep a record of all corrective measures against learners and only the County Education Board can order the expulsion of a child or recommend the student for admission to an institution that specialises in behaviour correction previously known as Approved Schools.
A parent who fails to send a child to school risks going to jail for one year or paying a fine of Sh100,000. All parents and guardians will be responsible for sending their children to school.
On Sunday, parents braved the mid-morning drizzle in Nairobi to take their children to school hopeful that this term will not see the disruptions of the last three terms.
They told Nation they would like to see the government address the incessant issues that crop up whenever schools are in session, so that they can run on uninterrupted programmes.
“In the school where my daughter goes to, teachers have told us to ensure children report on time and they have assured us that there will be no interruptions,” said Ms Anne Githinji, a parent.
Elsewhere, teachers called on the State to release free education funds on time and address other issues concerning their welfare to avoid school closures.
This term, the government must release at least Sh10 billion for public schools to foot their bills.

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