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Hidden players who made Raila Odinga delay his 'swearing-in'

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Nasa leader Raila Odinga with co-principals Moses Wetang’ula (left) and Musalia Mudavadi (right), Siaya Senator James Orengo (centre) and other leaders address a rally at Kiminini Trading Centre in Trans Nzoia County on October 22. The opposition coalition on Sunday cancelled its swearing-in of Mr Odinga as ‘the People’s President’. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP 


  • The ceremony would have taken place at Tononoka Grounds in Mombasa County as area Governor Hassan Joho had offered to host Mr Odinga and his team.
  • Mr Mudavadi cited internal, national and international interventions as the reasons behind the decision.
  • But Mr Mudavadi assured Nasa supporters that “our resolve has not changed”.
Opposition leader Raila Odinga on Sunday postponed his controversial swearing-in ceremony, slated for Tuesday, following the intervention of foreign diplomats and an internal push to drop the tag of violence that has marked his push for electoral justice.
The ceremony, we learnt on Sunday evening, would have taken place at Tononoka Grounds in Mombasa County as area Governor Hassan Joho had offered to host Mr Odinga and his team.
Nasa co-principal Musalia Mudavadi announced the surprise about-turn on Sunday at Okoa Kenya offices in Nairobi but said he would make public the reasons for the move on Monday. Mr Mudavadi cited internal, national and international interventions as the reasons behind the decision.
“Following extensive internal consultations and engagement with a wide range of national and international interlocutors, the Nasa leadership wishes to advise the Nasa fraternity and the general public that the swearing in of Rt Hon Raila Amolo Odinga and His Excellency Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka as President and Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya, and the launch of The People’s Assembly, scheduled for Tuesday, December 12, have been postponed to a later date,” he said.
Nasa supporters are likely to be taken aback by the announcement, with members of the committee largely made of experts in different fields who were organising the “swearing-in” ceremony divided at the turn of events.  
But Mr Mudavadi assured Nasa supporters that “our resolve has not changed”.
“We are aware that this will be a disappointment to the people of Kenya who were eagerly waiting for this occasion,” said Mr Mudavadi. “Specifically, we wish to reiterate that any national dialogue must have electoral justice on the agenda. We are not interested in sharing illegitimate dictatorial power.”
However, sources within the coalition told the Nation that some top Nasa leaders had expressed concern that, already, tens of people have been killed in protests since the August 8 elections, and that the coalition was being linked to violence.
The decision to abort the ceremony, it was understood, was to avoid any confrontations and show the world that Nasa was pushing for reforms without causing chaos.
“It was meant to send a signal to the world that we are not unreasonable people, and to show that Nasa is not made up of anarchists. A lot of people have died,” said a member of the organising committee who sought anonymity.
Nasa now hopes that Western diplomats, who played a big role in the about-turn, will exert pressure on President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto to hold dialogue with the opposition. President Kenyatta has, however, ruled out any talks.
Western envoys, including Robert Godec (United States), Nic Hailey (United Kingdom) and Jutta Frasch (Germany), are pushing for talks between Nasa and Jubilee to end a political stalemate now in its fourth month. Church leaders have also taken the same position, urging the two sides to drop their hardline positions and engage in talks to bring about reforms.
Mr Mudavadi, in a bid to assure Nasa supporters that the fight is still on, said the coalition will announce new dates of both the swearing-in ceremony and the launch of the People’s Assembly, as well as a more vigorous and prolonged resistance to Mr Kenyatta’s government in the coming days.
“We want to assure Kenyans that we remain fully on course in pursuit of electoral justice. Our resistance of dictatorship is resolute and irreversible. We remind the Nasa fraternity to maintain our civic and economic resistance. There are only two options — democracy or self-determination,” he said.
Later, a member the organising committee tasked with preparing the modalities for the launch of the people’s assembly, speaking exclusively to the Nation, said that the committee felt wasted.
“I feel lost because all the work we have been doing here has come to naught,” he said.
The Nasa organising committee has, among others, Dr David Ndii, ODM CEO Oduor Ong’wen, Wiper CEO Jared Siso, city lawyer Koitamet Ole Kina, Ms Hamida Kibwana, and former nominated Senator Judith Sijeny.
Earlier in the day police had remained tight-lipped regarding security arrangements for Tuesday’s Jamhuri Day celebrations, whose lustre would have been affected by Mr Odinga’s swearing-in.
Police spokesman George Kinoti, Nairobi County Police Commander Japhet Koome, and Inspector-General of Police Joseph Boinnet did not pick up calls or respond to messages concerning the arrangements. Some junior officers told the Nation that the police had only laid down an elaborate security plan for the Kasarani stadium Jamhuri Day fete and ignored Mr Odinga’s purported swearing-in as Nasa had not communicated the venue.

On Friday, Mr Boinnet said the police were ready to enforce Attorney-General Githu Muigai’s warning to Nasa that swearing in Mr Odinga as ‘The People’s President” would amount to treason.

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Press Statement By Amani National Congress On Raila Swearing In


Friday December 8, 2017
1. ANC is going through a renewal process, as provided for in the instruments of the party. It a process which we plan to undertake systematically. We have gathered here as part of this process.
2. ANC is the mother of NASA. The party is committed to contributing to the growth of a vibrant NASA that carries the hopes of Kenyans. ANC will do whatever it takes under its powers to protect and promote the interests of the people as laid out in the NASA Coalition Agreement. For avoidance of doubt, ANC does not recognize the 26 October 2017 political exercise as a presidential election. We also do not recognize all the outcomes thereof.
ANC will therefore work with NASA partner parties to pursue the path to a just, free and fair repeat election as we have consistently stated. Our irreducible minimum remains electoral justice, as we clearly stated ahead of the farcical 26 October exercise.
Consequently, at a meeting we have held at Sentrim Hotel in Nakuru today, the Party Parliamentary Group and the National Executive Committee have unanimously resolved that ANC will continue to follow the path of electoral reform and correction of historical injustices.
3. ANC is a party of devolution. The Party takes great exception and condemns the Jubilee regime’s continued subversion of County governments. The Jubilee regime does not have its own money which it donates to counties. Money due to counties is public taxes constitutionally guaranteed. Jubilee schemes to starve counties of resources is part of its policy to kill devolution.
We are assembled here today at a time when the country is at a serious political crossroads. We are aware that the country is looking forward to what happens on Tuesday next week, 12 December 2017. No right thinking Kenyan can downplay the urgency of what ails the country today. We cannot possibly go on like this. The situation in the country is simply not sustainable. We must address it, and do so urgently. As ANC we are not prepared to look back. We restate that we do not recognize the Jubilee Party Government as a legitimate government. We cannot vacate the decision that the NASA leadership has already pronounced itself on regarding the way ahead.
This country must free itself of all manner of injustices – including
· electoral injustices
· extra judicial killings of citizens exercising their democratic right to protest,
· economic exclusion
· attempts to emasculate the Judiciary and other independent public bodies
· police brutality and gross abuse of human and people’s rights in the country.

Friday, 8 December 2017

Phillip Moi

Image may contain: 2 people, sunglassesWhen It Comes To Dealing With Women, Philip Moi Is A Living Legend!
Former President Moi’s son Philip is a legend as to how men should deal with manipulative and psychopathic women in your life. He married this Italian or whatever, she is woman called Pluda, and they had 2 kids.
But at some point, the two were dragged into a protracted divorce case, highly publicised by the feminist-dominated media, who derive immense pleasure at seeing a man brought down.
Pluda had hired predator Lawyer Judy Thongori to represent her. Predator lawyers are the women/feminists who’ve specialised in divorce cases, and they have operationalised the divorce industrial complex, to make cash from the inevitable conflict.
You see our current Justice system is designed to create conflict, but that conflict is rooted in the presumption that men are always at fault in it. This is why there can never be an equalist solution to correcting the endemic problems of modern divorce procedures.
Anything even remotely, positively masculine or Alpha is still a ‘man being a man’ and this can always be reinterpreted as potentially aggressive or violent. In a feminine-primary social order where feminized men and women are taught that men are inherently evil and prone to anger and violence (the “culture” of masculinity) there’s an army of women and White Knight sympathizing men who want nothing more than to stick it to the ‘man’ symbolically. And when they draw a paycheck from doing so they’re all the more eager.
Needless to say this will be the starting point from which a soon-to-be-divorced man will have his undoing begin. So prevalent is the presumption of abuse on a man’s part that even the most saintly father can be remade into a secret monster. It’s just ‘how guys are’ and this presumption also serves as a point of justification for women, and Blue Pill male sympathizers, to feel okay about projecting the man in this light.
However, all of the people involved in even a typical western divorce are all subject to the belief sets that the Feminine Imperative has predisposed them to about men and women. We presume a default state of victimhood is to be applied to a woman and the benefit of that victimhood doubt runs deep. We see it evolve into the kangaroo court systems that govern what we’re told to believe is an endemic ‘rape culture’ on college campuses – up to and beyond denying a man his civil rights.
We get well-conditioned attorneys, counsellors and judges ready to follow that same script by legally enacting the retribution and restitution upon which feminism has always been based.
It can all be traced back to the early 2000’s, when shadowy females like Supreme Court Judge Njoki Ndung’u rose from obscurity to be nominated member of parliament due to that gender-quota. She was long associated with former Internal Security Minister Dr. Chris Murungaru, but that didn’t matter. On the mainstream side of life, she was elevated and recognised by society as an influencer. Embassies were falling over themselves to reward her efforts, while UN made her “Person Of The Year”.
It is this thinking that saw Justice Luka Kimaru award Pluda a hefty settlement of Kshs. 90 million in cash, plus another 60 million to find her a house in either Kileleshwa, Lavington or Runda. The judge didn't bother to know who instigated the divorce. Or even if she was a drug addict/junkie. Or even more so that she was sleeping around. In the eyes of the public, the “monster” Philip had to be taught a lesson.
Philip sought temporary orders to stop Pluda from demanding the money from him. He had said the amount he was ordered to pay was beyond what Pluda used to access during the marriage. Philip claimed that despite knowing his true financial status, Pluda had decided to live a "life of fantasy, glamour and glitz, ostentation with a display of affluence fit for Hollywood and the legendary jet-setting lifestyle known worldwide for extravagance”.
He said he Pluda's "lavish lifestyle, which is not only extravagant but obscene, according to Kenyan standards”, had forced him to incur debt to maintain it.
Therein lies the message. Here is a President’s son, stating clearly that his wife is extravagant and living the life of a Slay-Queen. He refused to finance her contrived standards (despite the obvious fact that he had the money), because it's ridiculous for any grown man to blow cash like there's no tomorrow.
One dramatic court appearance saw Philip Moi appear in court, and telling the judge that he was broke and had no money. Even the little amount that the court prescribed, Philip totally refused to give her a dime. He said he was broke. The most hilarious part was his exit from the court-room, accompanied by a dozen Recce Squad officers. Broke indeed!
And fellows, that's how things are done. If Philip who is a multi-billionaire by any standards is safeguarding his cash from being blown by excesses of extravagance, who are you to imagine that these slay-queens won't give you grief?
Any woman who is encouraging you to spend on vanity shit is a ball-buster. She doesn't love you one bit.
This campaign to resist slay-queen pussy is not for the faint-hearted. It's a deliberate effort to reset intergender relations in this country. The “traitors” who are the blue-pill men who've been breast-fed on a steady diet of noble intent and indoctrinated with feminist ideology, should not deter anyone. They're the insignificant minority.
What did the boda-boda guy say? Let's nduthis!

World Bank cuts Kenya’s outlook for growth

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Warning of risk to recovery from ‘lingering political uncertainty’
The World Bank has downgraded Kenya’s economic outlook and warned of “significant downside risks that could scuttle the projected rebound” as the country endures its worst political crisis in a decade.  President Uhuru Kenyatta, who was sworn in last week for a second term, needs to stimulate the private sector, cut spending on government bureaucracy and end months of political uncertainty caused by disputed elections, the bank said in a report. It downgraded its growth forecasts for the year from 5.5 per cent to 4.9 per cent — its slowest in five years. This is weaker than the government expected but more optimistic than most economists. The bank forecasts it could rebound to 5.5-5.8 per cent in the next two years. But it warned that “lingering political uncertainty can further undermine business confidence and stunt a robust recovery”. Many companies have delayed investments since a flawed election in August triggered the crisis in which more than 70 people have been killed in politically motivated violence. The supreme court ordered a repeat presidential vote, but Raila Odinga, the veteran opposition leader, boycotted the October rerun and refuses to recognise Mr Kenyatta as president. It’s important that the private sector is re-energised so it can contribute towards a more robust economic rebound Allen Dennis, author of World Bank report Sporadic protests have continued. “It’s important that the private sector is re-energised so it can contribute towards a more robust economic rebound,” said Allen Dennis, the lead author of the review.  Lending to private companies in Kenya, east Africa’s dominant economy, has tumbled from an annual growth rate of 25 per cent in mid-2014 to 2 per cent last month, according to official statistics. Several bank failures and a cap on interest rates last year had already hurt the economy as banks tightened lending conditions. Thousands of workers have been laid off this year as growth has slowed. Five of the bigger companies listed on the Nairobi stock exchange have warned that earnings this year will be more than 25 per cent lower than in 2016.  Removing the rate cap quickly will be “critical to preserving medium-term growth prospects”, the World Bank said. Patrick Njoroge, the central bank governor, has also called for the cap to be scrapped.  On government spending, Mr Dennis said there was “certainly scope for improvements in efficiency”. He said the government spends almost half its revenue paying civil servants and legislators compared with a global average of 30 per cent for middle-income nations. Mr Kenyatta has endorsed a recommendation to cut the salaries of legislators, who are among the best-paid in the world, but members of parliament are resisting the move. Economists warn that the slowdown could worsen. Razia Khan, chief Africa economist for Standard Chartered, forecasts growth will be 4.5 per cent this year and 4.6 per cent in 2018.  She said Mr Kenyatta needs to restore investor confidence quickly as the government seeks to issue another Eurobond. This is expected to be around €2bn with a maturity of at least 10 years.  “The big focus is going to be on external borrowing at the start of next year and so the government needs to hit the ground running [with reforms] to compensate for this year’s slowdown,” she said.  Copyright The Financial Times Limited 2017. All rights reserved.


Nasa lays out programme for Raila Odinga 'swearing-in'

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Raila Odinga
Nasa leader Raila Odinga. He has vowed never to recognise Uhuru Kenyatta's presidency. PHOTO | MANDEL NGAN | AFP 


  • The programme is in the style of national events and will start with the singing of the National Anthem.
  • There will be prayers followed by an official announcement and then an agreement on the agenda of the day.
Officials of the Opposition coalition have laid out their programme for Tuesday’s planned meeting to 'swear-in' Raila Odinga as 'the people’s president” but continued keeping the venue secret.
Mr Eliud Owalo, a member of the National Super Alliance, read out to journalists the programme he said will be to “inaugurate the leadership.”
“We are not turning back. Actually, Nasa’s vehicle has no reverse gear and from tomorrow, it will not have brakes,” he said at the coalition’s offices in Lavington, Nairobi.
Asked whether there would be a swearing-in in the strict sense of the word, he said: “We have said that we are going to inaugurate the leadership.”
The programme is in the style of national events and will start with the singing of the National Anthem.
There will be prayers followed by an official announcement and then an agreement on the agenda of the day.
Mr Owalo said there would then be a ceremony to install “the people’s leader” and then speeches.
After that, there will be an agreement on “the people’s assembly” followed by speeches from representatives from the counties, an agreement on the resolutions made and then the event will end.
Mr Odinga and other Nasa luminaries will then head out to rallies.
The Opposition has insisted on going ahead with the event in the face of questions on the legality of a swearing-in.

The Attorney-General has warned that anybody who purports to swear themselves in as president would be committing an act of treason.

Raila Odinga 'swearing-in': The 5 hard questions

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Raila Odinga
Nasa leader Raila Odinga. He said he would take his oath office on December 12. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP 


  • The Constitution provides in Article 141 that the president-elect should be sworn in by the chief registrar of the Judiciary in the presence of the chief justice, or in his absence, the deputy chief justice.
  • That is what happened on November 28 when President Uhuru Kenyatta took oath of office for his second term.
As National Super Alliance (Nasa) insists that it will swear in its presidential candidate Raila Odinga on Tuesday, a number of questions are begging for answers.
They include:
  • Who will swear in Mr Odinga?
The Constitution provides in Article 141 that the president-elect should be sworn in by the chief registrar of the Judiciary in the presence of the chief justice, or in his absence, the deputy chief justice.
That is what happened on November 28 when President Uhuru Kenyatta took oath of office for his second term.
There has been speculation that a ‘Nasa-leaning’ judge might be the one to administer the oath of office.
Who will do this dare-devilry act which could attract death penalty, according to the Attorney-General Githu Muigai?
  • Where will the ‘swearing-in’ take place?
Under the Assumption of the Office of President Act, the swearing-in should take place in Nairobi on a date and at a place to be designated by the committee that oversees the process and published in the Kenya Gazette.
It should take place between 10am and 2pm.
A letter purportedly sent from the ‘inauguration’ organisers to Nasa-leaning governors asking for a venue has been disowned by the coalition, but this question remains on many people’s minds because the government has vowed not to allow any other political congregation other than the Jamhuri celebrations in Nairobi.
  • Where will Mr Odinga go after the ceremony?
When President Uhuru Kenyatta was sworn in on April 9, 2013, he proceeded to State House, Nairobi, the official seat of power, and after the State luncheon, he escorted his predecessor, Mwai Kibaki, out of the building in a symbolic handover.
Daniel arap Moi was airlifted out of State House in January 2003 when Mr Kibaki took over.
Since President Kenyatta will still be the tenant at State House and Harambee House, where will Mr Odinga work from?
  • Beyond the swearing-in, what will Raila do to get power?
This is the question on many Kenyans’ minds because swearing-in in itself, if it were to happen, does not come with the instruments of power.
What extra step he takes to get power remains a puzzle.
  • Will he retain his reform legacy after this?
The US has already asked Mr Odinga not to go ahead with his ceremony because it would not be constitutional.

Prof Muigai has warned that Mr Odinga risks being charged with treason if he purports to swear himself in. Already hailed for his Second Liberation record, which culminated in the return of multipartysm and getting the progressive 2010 Constitution, Mr Odinga risks soiling that reputation by participating in an event outside the supreme law of the land.

Sh15 billion earmarked for medical training colleges

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Deputy President William Ruto
Deputy President William Ruto speaks during the KMTC 85th graduation ceremony in Nairobi on December 7, 2017 where he said that the government will spend Sh15 billion on the expansion of medical training colleges to meet the country’s demand for skilled health staff. PHOTO | JEFF ANGOTE | NATION MEDIA GROUP 
The government will spend Sh15 billion on the expansion of medical training colleges to meet the country’s demand for skilled health staff, Deputy President William Ruto has said.
Mr Ruto said the money, which had already been approved, would go towards the expansion of laboratories and the construction of hostels.
He said the development of a nation depends on the health and well-being of its people.
The DP added that the government’s plan to have universal healthcare in Kenya would only succeed if there were enough workers to implement the programme.
He spoke Thursday during the 85th Kenya Medical Training College graduation ceremony in Nairobi.
The DP made reference to a recent warning by the World Health Organisation that there would be a shortage of 18 million medical practitioners across the globe in 2030.
This, he said, is the reason Kenya is prioritising the expansion of health institutions.
“As a government, we are committed to the expansion of our health facilities,” said Mr Ruto.
“The government has since devolution increased the number of health facilities from 9,000 to 10,000. But there is a need to increase access so that Kenya can attain universal health coverage.”
He also pledged the government’s commitment to helping elderly people.

“Every Kenyan aged over 70 will from January 2018 benefit from the government’s cash transfer programme and medical cover by the NHIF,” he said.

Thursday, 7 December 2017


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