Monday, 9 December 2013

…Here Is CORD’s NEXT big thing and YES they will lose again!

…Here Is CORD’s NEXT big thing and YES they will lose again! 
Moi University Student Leader Dikembe Disembe getting his award from a senior official of US Department of State -USA after completing a six week leadership study  at various top universities including Harvard in the USA – summer 2013.

December 8, 2013     

We all agree that CORD is dead, yes it is! They got Magerer Langat to be the Executive Director of the fading Raila Odinga party BUT still nothing is moving. Oh yes Anyang Nyongó is on sabbatical and Ababu Namwamba is marking time….with allegations that he may soon join William Ruto.
They tried to re-invent via Kethi Kilonzo BUT still failled, NOW the useless people working for the faded former Prime Minister Raila are  grooming one Dikembe Disembe to take over the mantle of the aging John Kiarie, Omar Hassan, Ken Obura, Ababu Namwamba among the many fast fading CORDidiots, Dikembe is the immediate former Secretary General of the Moi University Students Organisation.
Dikembe who got voted overwhelmingly in the Kalenjin based university  shocked many of his comrades last year by publicly and single handedly undertaking to “defend” Raila Odinga in the blogsphere and in the so called new media for free. Because he is both a politician and a writer – very rare combination – Dikembe is among the few remaining youthful assets to the rudderless party.
Dikembe believes Raila Odinga still has a chance in 2017, (imagine!) something all his peers are opposed to because Odinga is already a very wealthy man out of touch with the problems affecting Kenyans, and fast approaching Mandela years.
Recently, his junior college-mate, Gitungo Wa Wamere, accused him of blind sycophancy, after he claimed retired beloved president Mwai Kibaki’s lecture at UoN was a “publicity gimmick” by the Jubilee government.
From elections time to date, Dikembe has been the part of the youngest faces still fully supportive of Raila Odinga with allegations that he is on the payroll of the former Prime Minister as CORD regroups for the next series of political battles, which they will, of course, lose.
But there are allegations that Dikembe is rethinking his support for CORD. What is for a fact is that the guy is CORDED; however, rumour has it that he is on the move.
A skilled writer, the final year Communication and Public Relations student is said to be headed to the Standard Group in their sex rag, the Nairobian. With the bitter competition with Nation Media Group’s Nairobi News, Dikembe’s poaching from online ODM tabloid, Kenya Today, may just give the paper the young readers in its opinion pages.
The other rumour is that Dikembe is joining Orange House as a communications intern. Others claim he is joining civil society especially as he has been among the pro-ICC, pro-neocolonialism and pro-everything west.
What is known is that Dikembe may soon leave ODM to die with its old analogue guys like the ever strategy-less ODM Communication Director Philip Etale and the clueless Maseme Machuka!
What CORD doesn’t seem to get is that once Jubilee spots talent they grab it, it wont be surprising if either arm of Jubilee poaches the young Dikembe, in any case everything in Kenya is for sale and we know who can bid highest!
Both Uhuru and Ruto handlers are in the race to sign Dikembe into their respective camps given the role new media played in the March 4th general election.
Secretary general campaigns- the cross fire debate a tradition of Moi University where contestants square it out in a 90 minute debate.

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