Wednesday, 29 October 2014

12 Kenyans from Ebola-hit Liberia land on Tuesday

The 12 Kenyans returning from the Ebola-hit Liberia are expected at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on Tuesday night.
They left Liberia last evening aboard an SN Brussels Airlines flight, one of two commercial airlines still flying to Monrovia.
The office of Kenyans in Diaspora in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the Health ministry will screen them thoroughly to ensure safety.
The government will spend Sh5 million to bring the 12 Kenyans home.
“The Ministry of Health has assured them a safety procedure involving monitoring for 21 days to ensure none is carrying the killer virus,” Director of Diaspora Affairs Zachary Muburi told the Nation.
“This will be a normal procedure. All passengers flying in from Liberia are going through the same procedure,” he said.
“This in not an evacuation as the 12 requested to be brought back home and they will need close monitoring.
“They are part of the more than 200 Kenyans living in West Africa and the rest are fine,” he added.
Mr Muburi said they were flying in three other Kenyans from Sierra Leone who have also decided to return home.
Last week, Kenyans working for international organisations in Liberia asked the Kenya Red Cross to help them return home.
Most cannot afford the cost of air tickets from West Africa, which have soared after most commercial airlines ceased operations since the first Ebola case was reported three months ago.
Health Cabinet Secretary James Macharia said a ban imposed on those coming to Kenya from West Africa did not apply to Kenyans.

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