Thursday, 10 December 2015


Barely a week after his historic trip in Kenya, Pope Francis has revealed certain aspects that shocked him while touring Nairobi, terming them a "true disgrace to humanity".
Speaking on Wednesday during his weekly St Peter's Square address in Rome, the Pontiff stated that he was appalled to see the poor in slums share a fence with the rich in Nairobi.
“Wealth and poverty live side by side,” he said.
The Holy Father bluntly described the extent of inequality in Kenya as extreme, stating that economic revolution was necessary in Africa.
In an earlier interaction with Capital FM's Editorial Director, Michael Mumo, Pope Francis stated that his most overwhelming moment was watching the people.
“I remember the crowds. That joy. That capacity to celebrate on an empty stomach…” he said.
The Pope however, said that the state in Kenya was similar to most developing countries.
“On this problem, I have spoken strongly at least three times. The first time was at the meeting of the popular movements in the Vatican, the second at the meeting of the popular movements in Santa Cruz della Sierra (Bolivia). Eight percent of the world’s riches are in the hands of 17 percent of the population,” he said.
This comes a week after the Pope left Kenya for Uganda then to Central Africa Republic in his first tour of Africa.
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