Thursday, 28 January 2016

Why do Kenyans want US help to solve a billion dollar mystery?

Photo of US General Attorney 

US Attorney General Loretta Lynch has yet to respond to the Twitter campaign calling for her to get personally involved

Almost one billion dollars of public money has allegedly disappeared in a Kenyan corruption scandal. So why are thousands of Kenyans using social media to ask the US government's most senior lawyer to locate the supposedly missing money?
The story began with a landmark sale of government bonds, but has led to accusations of corruption over what happened to the proceeds which were supposed to have benefited ordinary Kenyans.
Now some exasperated Kenyans have reached out to the US Attorney General Loretta Lynch for help. A White House petition entitled "Have US AG Loretta Lynch help Kenyans recover their looted Eurobond proceeds" has picked up thousands of signatures. And a Twitter hashtag #KenyansToLorettaLynch has been used thousands of times.
Some seem to think President Obama's Kenyan ancestry is good enough reason to get Lynch - a direct appointee of the US president - involved in their campaign.

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