Sunday, 29 May 2016

After SEX SCANDAL at Kiss FM Whatsapp LEAK, Caroline Mutoko is CONFRONTED by Maggie for PROMOTING Clande Mentality

Caroline Mutoko Confronted, I Think Maggie is right.>> Read and tell us what you think.
After SEX SCANDAL at Kiss FM Whatsapp LEAK, Caroline Mutoko is CONFRONTED by Maggie for PROMOTING Clande Mentality
I am a woman but I will not jump to condemn Jicho Pevu. Just the other day in Kenya, a father stood in a court of law to testify that his daughter Careen took several loans from family and friend, even stole, to support a purported Clande – “Louis Otieno.” Jicho Pevu’s job is to tell the story and not rewrite it or photoshop it to accomodate your feelings. Journalists have sources and they have a right to protect them.
Before we ask the Pope to come and beatify Cheryl Kitonga for her one night stand with Jacob Juma before he died, let us address the issue of the social acceptance of Clandes (read mpango wa kando) in Kenya.
Jicho Pevu did more to save future women from Clande mentality than many people condemning him will ever do, and especially Carol Mutoko, who says that is what the 20’s are there for. So according to Carol, the 20s are there for sleeping around with strange married men???
Okay… Nothing brings more dignity to women than telling them it’s okay to exploit their sexual desires and fantasies as long as you are in the twenties.. Married men.. Sure indulge.. One night stand.. Bring it on.. Clandes..Ni ya leo.. Bei ni ya jioni..
A lot worse could have happened to this lady. She is lucky she did not end up as collateral damage. But who cares that she is a person of interest or suspect in a murder as long as she had fun? That is what the 20s are there for.. Right??.
Stop sugar coating the truth. Choices have consequences for both Jacob Juma and Cheryl Kitonga. Call it Clande mentality, call it prostitution.. Call it whatever you like, but until we can address the root cause of why this woman is in the predicament she is in, this may not be the last case that appears on our media screen.
Put efforts where it matters.. By the time you are asking for Cheryl Kitongas face to be concealed, you have lost the fight on women dignity. Stop the next Cheryl from being taken advantage of by a so called sponsor.
Stop the next Cheryl from being a rich man’s play toy. Stop the next Cheryl Kitonga from a sponsor mentality. And telling them that is what the 20s are there for is not helping them either.
Just because you made mistakes in your 20s is no reason for every other 20 year old to follow in your footsteps. My desire is that the mistakes I made in my early years will not be the mistakes of my fellow sisters because when you know better, you do better. Stop the next Cheryl Kitonga, covering the face does little or nothing for her.
Was Carol Mutoko the woman alleged to be with Mutula Kilonzo at time of death????

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