Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Hon Paul Otuoma THREATENS to RETURN to ODM if Ababu Namwamba FAILS to SHARE 30M brown envelope

“Ababu Nawmwamba and Hon Paul Otuoma were promised Ksh.200Million to help them create new political party. So far a down payment of 30 Million was paid through former Regional Minister and Retired Westlands MP Hon Fred Gumo.
Hon Ababu has refused to share the down payment with the rest of the team making Paul Otuoma doubt their working relationship and that is why he boycotted the last week’s rally at Sirisia where area MP Hon John Waluke announced his resignation from ODM chairmanship for Bungoma county and also his exit from the Luyha dominated party”Abdul ALLEGES
It is alleged that Ababu has challenges paying his rent in Kileleshwa, his new home in Karen estate (under construction) is said to have stalled after he was forced out of the powerful parliamentary committee- Public Accounts Committee over bribery allegations.
To complicate matters further, Hon Gumo is said to be grooming his son to take over the Budalangi seat currently held by Ababu Namwamba while DP Ruto is still flirting with Mt Kenya mafia and therefore no chance of appointing him running-mate yet.
Hon Otuoma is also at the cross-roads following the sudden winding up of New Ford Kenya led by CS Wamalwa Kijana and Governor Wasaka an indication that there will be no room for a third force in Western BUT just two horses; Jubilee and ODM. Already Mudavadi is gravitating towards ODM hoping that he will be made the heir apparent of the Raila/Jaramogi legacy and thus fulfilling the prophecy of Luyha presidency coming via Lake Victoria.
Meanwhile here are some of the quotable quotes by Hon Cyrus Jirongo regarding Ababu Namwmba exit from ODM.
Hon Paul Otuoma THREATENS to RETURN to ODM if Ababu Namwamba FAILS to SHARE 30M brown envelope“I and the late JJ knew it on the very day RUTO had a night meeting with 7 ODM Mps led by Ababu, Otuoma, Otchillo, Waluke and 3 others. The option of defecting directly to JUBILEE was ruled out for fear of that the Luhya citizens would ditch them like potatoes. Ababu was given a down payment of 200m to purchase the LPK from Julia and a further 100m to purchase more leaders . That very day each of the MPs in attendance was rewarded with fat brown envelopes.”
“Let me ask you, did you see Ababu in JJ’s burial?…and even up to now, has he given you a tangible reason for leaving ODM?….Now, if he says that there is no democracy in ODM where he is the SG, what post is he going to be given in JAP,by who?” Asked Jirongo.
“Let me tell you it is all about money..Julia has now refused to take 20m after she got wind that Ababu was given 200m, that’s why they visited Lusaka who told them to join JAP directly as NFK was folding up.. Otuoma is chickening out after Ababu refused to share the other 100m meant for purchasing more leaders. Ababu had told the other MPs that they are scheduled for more after their defection and that the cash available now is for purchasing the grassroot support through public meetings.

“They think getting a fanatical following is as simple as peddling lies, insulting Raila and giving out money….They will sink.”

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