Monday, 27 March 2017

Ruth Odinga ordered to pay Sh495,000 in damages; 27.03.2017

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Kisumu Deputy Governor Ruth Odinga
Kisumu Deputy Governor Ruth Odinga. She has been given 30 days to pay up. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP. 
Kisumu Deputy Governor Ruth Odinga has been ordered to pay Sh 495,820 to a businessman for damaging his car.
Mr Rickham Muga sued Ms Odinga after her vehicle with his on June 1, 2013, causing severe damage to it.
He sued the deputy county boss and Kisumu Senior Principal Magistrate Thomas Obutu ordered her to pay the trader.
Mr Obutu on Friday also gave Ms Odinga 30 days to pay the plaintiff the cost of the suit plus interest accrued from the date of judgment.
In his judgment, Mr Obutu broke down the charges incurred by the plaintiff as Sh351,720 as the cost of the repairs, Sh 8,000 – towing charges and Sh 5,900 for inspection.
Others included police abstract charged at Sh200, storage at Sh 10,000 and Sh 120,000 for alternative transport all totalling to Sh495,820.
The magistrate found Ms Odinga’s driver, agent or employee to had had: “negligently, recklessly and carelessly drove motor vehicle… that he caused it to collide with that of Mr Muga… that was lawfully parked along Oginga Odinga Street in Kisumu.”
The court heard that on June 1, 2013, Mr Muga’s spouse had parked the vehicle near Telcom Building in Kisumu when the Ms Odinga’s driver rammed it.
“The collision caused extensive damage and material loss to the plaintiff’s motor vehicle,” stated Mr Obutu in his judgment.

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