Monday, 24 July 2017

What to expect when you click on Nasa flagbearer’s website;22.07.17

A link on Nasa presidential candidate Raila Odinga’s website takes you to where one can register to be a volunteer or to adopt a polling station on August 8.
For someone who would wish to be a volunteer, three assignments are available: being an agent, gathering intelligence and collecting data.
If the volunteer does not wish to take any of the three, another available option on the website dedicated to gathering volunteers is “give me an assignment,” meaning volunteers can be given more jobs in the Nasa plan.
Once a person enters their name and phone number on the website,, they are informed that the organisers will call.
“We will be in touch with your exact assignment (details of polling station and your tasks) in the near future,” says the message on the site for those who choose to volunteer.
And when you choose to adopt a station, the website has the list of all the polling stations in all the counties.
The website avails the menu to the exact polling station and a person is required to choose only one. Adopting is done mainly by contributing money.
“The purpose of adopting is to make sure that volunteer citizens are fed, secured and enabled in keeping vigil on election day,” the website says.
A whole lot of options are provided for a person who would wish to donate to the initiative, including an M-Pesa Paybill number.
To encourage one to donate, the website says: “Put yourself in the shoes of a volunteer — you wish well, you want to help and, you know it will not be an easy task. Help to ease the difficulties that our volunteers will face. We intend to supply food, transport and security to our volunteers.”
More reasons are given why adopting a polling station is necessary.
“Our presence will deter any incitement that may lead to violence or panic,” they say.
“You do not have to accept the status quo,” they add.

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