Sunday, 5 January 2014

Angry Kenyans ROAST government propagandist Dennis Itumbi for revealing he created “Fake” Major Chirchir Twitter Account during KDF-Somalia war

Kenyans reacted with anger after state house digital media and diaspora communication ‘officer’ Dennis Itumbi revealed, in a Facebook post, that he impersonated Army spokesman Emmanuel Chirchir when Kenya forced its way in Somalia in pursuit of the Al Shabaab.
Here is what what Itumbi wrote on his Facebook wall:
“I salute Chief of The Defence Forces Julius Karangi. A few years ago, when Kenya Marched into Somalia he resisted the voices that said the Military should Not be on Social Media. Major Emmanuel Chirchir called me and told me to meet him and I told him it is possible and immediately created the Chirchir accounts that became a hit. Karangi allowed a liberal approach on Social Media and as a result Kenya went to its first war with Bullets and Tweets. The Tweeting Major was Born. I salute him too. Congratulations and Thank You Karangi” – Dennis Itumbi.
Here is how it turned out on Itumbi’s wall:
Mukuru Wa Kimeruu Machumaa:  So all these stories about our military was coming from you and not Major Chirchir ..No wonder fighting military was always on social media ..Feeding us about the war while in Nairobi not in the war zone ..Thanks for telling us dennis ..we now know.
Kibet Tembur: Dennis this is cheap and subversive.In your wall yes but really putting your unto Karangi and Chirchir matrix portrays you as an hungry and senseless publicity seeker, more that you are in such a portfolio position.Refrain revealing some things people will avoid you like a plague!
Nizqenoty Maurice Raikika: W.T.F
Farah ‘dagane’ Bellamy: who said kdf has Somalia’s Geo at fingertips or kdf did what Us had tried? there’s not one single offensive Kenya has launched that is not using the Somalia national army as their first line of defense then and only then is when they reach somewhere and claim victory n take credit, secondly the online social media page was the foundation of all propaganda, first we were misinformed that Kdf was in Afmadhow whilst in fact the army hadn’t left the 100 kms after the border,then the westgate misinformation followed, God help us if we end up lauding such!
Peter Mike Ngare: Itumbi did u make this update with the sole intention of lauding the general for having allowed the opening of chirchir accounts??
Sirya Akida Kenga: sasa hiyo inatuhusu na nini?karagi,chirchir na ma sufferer ni wapi na wapi??hiyo story pigia mwenye alikuandika kazi…KITU GANI!!
Victor Amuko: ther must b a reason behing ths post.who knws, mayb the daily nation story about hs cntract extension is true or it is about to happen. Like GEGE and BATU in the famous kifo kisimani,itumbi is being used to spread propaganda,conduct pr and insulate tha government frm tha truth. I hope u hv nt forgoten karangi n hs boys strategic blunders at westgate,hs contradictory statements at press coferences during the siege n above all violation of professional ethics by taking wt doest belong to them. M sure that mr. Itumbis post is to prepare us for wt is coming-contract extension. bt who cares, the security council already hs gachangi,karangi,muhoro,mwigai etc,we r used to that
Wilson Nzomoi:  In somalia,kdf did a good job(but should stop selling charcoal at kismayu illigally)but it was disaster at westgate mall operation.the theft&looting was pathetic(i watched jicho pevu video&couldnt believe).
It is difficult to decipher what the blogger had hoped to achieve by revealing this sensitive part of military communication to the public; whatever the motivation, it BACKFIRED right on the face of Itumbi.
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