Tuesday, 14 January 2014

EMBARRASING: Uhuru says the late Israel PM Arial Sharon was a peace maker! gets ROASTED by Kenyans by KoT

January 14, 2014

It seems President Kenyatta’s advisors, after ‘misleading’ him on appointments, have now gone on Twitter. Yesterday, the president posted his condolence message to the people of Israel on the the death of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.
Uhuru referred to Sharon as a peace maker and freedom fighter who played an active role in Israel’s affairs pre and post independence. These were his tweets:

I am saddened by the death of Ariel Sharon. My condolences to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the People of Israel.

Israel has lost a true servant of its people, a freedom fighter & a peace maker who played an active role before & after their independence.

A lot of Kenyans were not amused with Uhuru’s words for the simple reason that Sharon was anything but a peace maker. In 1982, Sharon sent his army to refugee camps where they massacred almost 2000 Palestinians. Israel’s own official enquiry announced that Sharon bore “personal” responsibility for the bloodbath.
He had previously invaded Lebanon, lying to his own Prime Minister that his forces would advance only a few miles across the frontier, then laying siege to Beirut – at a cost of around 17,000 lives.
Sharon had opposed the 1979 peace treaty with Egypt, voted against a withdrawal from southern Lebanon in 1985, opposed Israel’s participation in the 1991 Madrid peace conference – and the Knesset plenum vote on the Oslo agreement in 1993, abstained on a vote for a peace with Jordan the next year and voted against the Hebron agreement in 1997. Sharon condemned the manner of Israel’s 2000 retreat from Lebanon and by 2002 had built 34 new illegal Jewish colonies on Arab land.
Outside Israel a lot of people broke into joy and celebration following the passing of the ‘butcher’.
Perhaps Uhuru’s tweets were logical in that we do more business with Israel than with Palestine, but following the backlash he received, I thought he would delete or edit out some words.
This is what Kenyans thought.
Ariel inafanya digital gov’t wafikirie ki analogue, wamezoea dish. – @njiiru
“Ariel sharon ti thogwo” ~ UK. – @njiiru
Uhuru represents a nation he’s not acting as an individual it’s like sending condolences to Hitler or Osama – @bwrca
Uhuru Kenyatta is like that chiq who looks perfect on the first date but after making her yours, you just look up and ask God, “WHY?” – @Ben_Makenzie
A country that rewards evil & punishes good. Uhuru should call a press conference & apologise for that tweet. – @kevoice_
Measured on the Huddah Scale, how dumb are Uhuru’s handlers and advisors? – @iNjoroge_
Think Uhuru is being advised by wetangula, that’s the only logical explanation to the madness – ‏@amheartles
Uhuru Kenyatta, I voted and supported you, but now I urge your resignation ; save yourself and our countries image, we have had enough. – @padiemwangi
Uhuru hails Ariel Sharon as a “peacemaker”. Which history books did he read?” – @tezira
Uhuru is mad because twitter was unavailable when Hitler died & he couldn’t tweet how much of a peace maker & freedom fighter he was. – @kevoice_
Uhuru Kenyatta physically, Joshua Kutuny mentally.” – @Ben_Makenzie:
But who advices Uhuru – @wandatitoni
We’ve established Octopizzo runs Uhuru Kenyattas twitter a/c. – @kevoice_
On a scale of Huddah to Adan Duale how dumb is the person who tweets for Uhuru? – @sickolia_
Y’all expected Uhuru to tweet ‘Hahaha die motherfucker! #ArielSharon’?” – @gitweeta
So DP will say Uhuru was misguided about Sharon too? – @Nicxso
Uhuru sure didn’t take any history lessons at Amherst college – @GeeBrunswick
Woke up today to RT of an extraordinary tweet from our President @ukenyatta about Sharon. Who writes his tweets I wonder, I assume not him. – @AnnMcCreath
Israel has hacked the President’s account. Cyber Terrorism is real, #KOT are now flexing their IQs for each other. – ‏@RamzZy_


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