Friday, 8 August 2014

EXPOSED: Cardinal Njue’s daughter is called Faith Njue, lives in Australia

By Osugo Moseti
8th Aug. 2014
After an  excommunicated Roman Catholic female preacher went public with promiscuity at top levels of the catholic church in Kenya, more parishioners are coming out to expose what could be one of the worst sexual tragedies to hit a church which has been condemned worldwide for sexual molestation of minors.
The ex-nun Florence Kariuki, who claims to have been expelled from the church for standing for purity, revealed in an extensive interview with the Nairobian Newspaper that top catholic clergy in Kenya are secretly fathering children.
Cardinal Njue, also accused of sexual philandering, but is being covered and protected by a spirited ”don’t tell” defensive campaign by a host of officials in the catholic church, is alleged to have fathered a child, now a grown up doctor, working in western Australia.
“I can assure you that Faith Njue (the daughter’s name) is my colleague. I’ve worked with her for seven years but she’s ashamed of her father, who is the head of the Kenyan catholic church – John Cardinal Njue” emailed a Kenyan to this writer.
The source who requested anonymity to keep their friendship informed Kenya Today that Faith is a doctor.
Bishop Florence Kariuki claims that she was expelled from the church because of her persistence in challenging priests to lead a holy life, away from their clandestine amorous lifestyles, marked with fatherless children and broken marriages.
“Some of the priests were promiscuous, a habit I was against. They should come out and admit that they have children instead of living in deceit, having fathered children with people’s wives and young women,” charged Bishop Kariuki.
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