Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Lock up PLO Lumumba for contempt, Uganda varsity asks court

Prof Patrick Lumumba speaks at a past function. FILE PHOTO | JARED NYATAYA |
Kenya School of Law Director Patrick Lumumba speaks at a past function. Uganda Pentecostal University on March 17, 2015 asked a Nairobi court to jail him for allegedly refusing to admit its former students. FILE PHOTO | JARED NYATAYA |

Uganda Pentecostal University accuses the director of the Kenya School of Law of refusing to
Uganda Pentecostal University (UPU) has filed an application seeking to commit Kenya School of Law Director PLO Lumumba to six months' civil jail for contempt of court.
The university claims Prof Lumumba has disobeyed an order requiring him to admit graduates of the Ugandan institution who are qualified to study in Kenya.
Prof John Ntambirweki, the university's vice chancellor, says a judge had quashed an earlier decision of the Council of Legal Education to suspend the recognition of Uganda Pentecostal University's (UPU) Bachelor of Law degree programme.
“The said order was duly extracted and served upon the director and Chief Executive of Kenya School of Law and the Legal Education Secretary on October 10 last year,” the Ugandan states in court documents.
The university’s lawyer, Mr Steven Nzaku, on Tuesday told Mr Justice George Odunga that despite the order, more than 26 UPU graduates who applied to the Kenya School of Law for the advocate training programme have been denied entry.

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