Sunday, 21 February 2016

Obama: Ugandans Deserved Better, Losers Should Use Lawful Means To Oppose Results Posted by: david, Feb 21, 2016

Kizza Besiye has been told to use lawful means to oppose results
Kizza Besiye has been told to use lawful means to oppose results

The United States of America has spoken out on the Ugandan February 18 election that ushered Yoweri Museveni into State House saying the exercise lacked in several aspects of democracy and fairness.

Without mincing words, the Obama administration says that the Ugandan people deserved a better election than that the Kampala administration and the electoral commission delivered.

In a statement issued Saturday evening, the US observes that the irregularities witnessed during the elections were deeply inconsistent with international standards and expectations for any democratic process.

The deputy spokesperson of the US Department Mark C. Toner issued the statement on behalf of the Obama administration.

The Obama administration cites the delayed delivery of voting kits, reports of pre-ticked ballots, vote buying, and excessive use of force by the police among the mischief that conspired to undermine the integrity of the electoral process.


The ban on social media including Twitter, Facebook and Internet as well as on mobile money platforms are other actions that the US says lowered the democratic integrity of the February 18 presidential and parliamentary elections.

The Ugandan government has since clarified that the shutdown was prompted by fears that terrorists would take advantage of the busy election period to take to the above platforms to bomb the country.

On an encouraging note, the US administration thanks its Kampala counterpart for organizing the election without major unrest.

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