Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Kenya's Lucy Gichuhi sworn in as senator in Australia; 9th May 2017

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Lucy Gichuhi is on the verge of making history by joining the Australian Senate. PHOTO | COURTESY
Lucy Gichuhi, who took the oath of office on May 9, 2017 to serve in the Australian Senate. PHOTO | COURTESY 
Kenyan-born Lucy Gichuhi is now a senator in Australia, one of the 12 representing the state of South Australia, after being sworn in on Tuesday.
Mrs Gichuhi makes history as the first person of African descent to make it to Australia’s federal Parliament.
She will replacing Bob Day, a senator whose election was nullified by an Australian court in April.
Mr Day lost the seat after it was established that he was ineligible to vie in the July 2016 elections.
It was expected that Mrs Gichuhi, 54, would fly the flag of Family First, the party through which she secured her seat.
However, days before her swearing-in, the party merged with the Australian Conservatives and Mrs Gichuhi will now be in the Senate as an independent.
Mrs Gichuhi, who hails from Nyeri — also the home county of her husband William — moved to Australia with him in 1999 on a permanent resident’s visa.
They forfeited their Kenyan citizenship two years later.
Her win was confirmed by a court recently, shutting down questions about her citizenship

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