Sunday, 7 May 2017

ododo poisoning of livestock

AS SHARED: I hope no farmer will go through what I experienced yesterday.
My farm hand gave my cows partially dried wild pigweed (dodo) and I lost two out of my six dairy cows. The others survived after administering an antidote.
Farmers, be aware of nitrate poisoning in livestock . pigweed grows very fast at this time of the year after the long drought. Most farmers are uprooting it from their fertile maize farms, kitchen gardens, bomas etc.
These weed has high levels of nitrates which are converted into nitrites by microbes in the rumen. The nitrites are very toxic. Nitrites are absorbed into the blood stream and change haemoglobin to methaemoglobin , which can not carry oxygen. This causes sudden death to cattle.
Before death, the animals move in circles, head press, urinate and die. The rumen suddenly swells and mucous membranes turn purple especially the vulva lips.
Most farmers would say the cow has swallowed a frog.
Have learned two lessons, 1/you can lose your investment in livestock at any time .
2/ insure your livestock.
I hope no farmer will go through what I have gone through
By John Wanangwe Wanjia
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