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Ten FACTS About The Late Hon Mutula Kilonzo

Ten FACTS About The Late Hon Mutula Kilonzo 
Mutula was born in 1948, he was Educated at Mbooni Primary School and Machakos High School before joining University of Dar es Salaam in 1969 graduating with a First Class Honors’ Degree in Law — the first in the East African region.
Mutula Kilonzo made his debut in parliament as a nominated M.P for K.A.N.U in January, 2003
1n the 2007 general election he contested and won the Mbooni constituency seat joining the National Assembly of Kenya He was appointed Minister for Nairobi Metropolitan Development in the coalition government formed after the disputed 2007 election, In May 2009 he was appointed Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs  in a mini reshuffle made by president Kibaki.
He previously served as private attorney to now retired President Moi.[3]
Sen. Mutula never shied away from speaking the truth. He refused to be intimidated. He hated bad manners!
Hon Mutula will be remembered as:
1. Retired President Moi’s lawyer-private attorney, hence was for many years pro status quo
2.The most colourful Constitutional Affairs Minister only second to Tom Mboya, it is during his tenure that Kenya passed a new constitution
3. ODM team leader in the 2005 constitutional referendum campaigns- He joined the Raila Odinga led group that successfully campaigned to defeat the 2005 Wako/Kilifi draft
4. The ODM Kenya’s strategist who helped Kalonzo get appointed Vice President in 2008; Hon Mutula single handedly handled the Kalonzo Musyoka political strategy in the 2007 campaigns  that saw Kalonzo eventually join the coalition government
5. Negotiator at Serena talks; Mutula was a lead negotiator at the Kofi Annan led Serena talks- he lobbied for his friend and cousin Justice Philip Waki to be appointed Chairman of the Post Election Violence Commission  (Waki Commission) that eventually compiled a list of 20 persons from whom Ocampo picked 6 for the ICC trials.
6. First Class honors LLB degree from the university of Dar el Salam; Mutula graduated top of his class!
7. Education Minister with an eye on reforms- introduction of  Mini skirts
8. Father to Keith Kilonzo, Mutula Kilonzo junior among others
9. He was a late comer in the reform movement BUT left a mark- he defended the constitution
11. He was from a VERY POOR background
12. He believed Raila Odinga was BEST suited to lead Kenya as President in 2013 election
13. Sen. Mutula never shied away from speaking the truth. He refused to be intimidated. He hated bad manners. RIP Sen
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