Monday, 15 April 2013

Zimbabwe: We can’t do without President Mugabe, says Tsvangirai

Hebert Zharare recently in CHIREDZI
MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai concedes that his party alone cannot guarantee the future of Zimbabwe without Zanu-PF and President Mugabe.
The MDC-T leader, who has been primed by his handlers to call for security sector reforms, said

he would not fire any servicemen should he assume power.
Mr Tsvangirai was addressing his supporters at Tsvovani Stadium in Chiredzi.
Some of the supporters had been bused from Masvingo, Ngundu, Zaka, Triangle and Checheche.
“For the future of this country, it is dependent on Zanu-PF and MDC . . . for the future stability of this country, it is between Morgan Tsvangirai and President Mugabe to ensure that this country moves forward,” he said.
Mr Tsvangirai, who is also Prime Minister in the inclusive Government, left his supporters in stitches when he said smaller parties were insignificant and not deciding factors.
“As the MDC we do not hate anyone in the army or the police. What we simply want is for them to be professional. They are the future of this country. We will not sack anyone when we get into power . . . where will we get other soldiers?” he said.
Earlier on, the party’s Masvingo provincial chairman Mr Wilstaff Sitemere had decried serious factionalism tearing the party apart.
There were reports of aspiring legislators busing their supporters to register as voters.
MDC-T officials in Masvingo said there was rampant indiscipline in the party where candidates employed unorthodox means such as creating fake membership cards to ensure they got approval to contest in primaries.
Reports say some disqualified candidates resolved to petition Mr Tsvangirai to “reverse the approved candidates and start afresh”.
However, Mr Tsvangirai tried to placate the losers by promising them jobs.
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“Those who lost should work with whoever is going to win after the polls . . . stop this bickering.
“If we win, there will be a need to appoint ambassadors, commissioners and other posts in Government. Everyone has a role to play,” he said.
The MDC-T leader promised to create jobs, revamp the health delivery system and improve the education sector.
He, however, did not tell his supporters how the country that has been ravaged by illegal economic sanctions he called for would mobilise funds to finance those projects.
“When we get into power we are going to deal with the unemployment problem by encouraging direct foreign investment, adopt zero tolerance on corruption . . . we are saying if you are a corrupt councillor, Member of Parliament or President . . . get out and leave us alone. We want to uproot corruption,” he said.
Although Mr Tsvangirai pledged to purge his party of corruption, eyebrows are being raised on how he was going to do it this time after failing to rein in councillors who looted properties and stands in MDC-T led councils and his legislators who plundered money from the Constitution Development Fund.
Mr Tsvangirai also said his party wanted to introduce free education from Grade 1 to 7 and free medical care for people suffering from terminal illnesses.
“We believe Zimbabwe should engage outsiders, but we will still protect our sovereignty as a country. Zanu-PF has failed to do that and has lost direction.”

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