Monday, 27 May 2013

A tribal paranoid/begot takes on Prof Makau Mutua

By Mwangi Wa Wanjiku

I had just woken up on another bright Sunday. But instead of rejoicing at the beautiful day I am disgusted by hate provoked by another of Makau Mutua’s article in his regular column in the Sunday Nation.
I would have chosen to ignore it like I have done to his previous other others, but I won’t. So this is a piece of my crappy mind, an angry one for that matter:
It defeats me how NMG continues to offer Makau Mutua a weekly platform to spread hate amongst Kenyans. Or perhaps the question I should ask is when the hatred toward Kikuyus became legal or so widely acceptable.
Makau Mutua, who’s been known to be a media operative of Raila’s camp, feeds Kenyans his opinionated pieces every Sunday which are not only full of anti-Kikuyuism but also waters seeds of hatred and divisiveness among Kenyans.
He has lately been met with a condemnation of his ideas especially in the social media. He counters this condemnation by inferring that bloggers and social media commentaries defending the Kenyatta regime are tribal goons of Kikuyu and Kalenjin who seek the anonymity in social media to spread their “genocidal” vitriol.
Mutua needs to know that Kenyans are beginning to loathe his opinionated writings that seem to favor one side of Kenya’s political divide.
Mutua’s hypocrisy is manifestly evident when on one side, Makau Mutua prophesies democracy while on the other he chocks with anger when he is challenged on the very tenets of that democracy: tolerance of different opinions.
Perchance, what Makau Mutua is angry at is not those different opinions and the condemnation that he continues to meet, but rather that this opposition is made on a platform he has no control of.
Makau forms part of a clique of media political operatives and media spin doctors that have bought mainstream media to propagate extrovert ideas for political gains.
What they perpetrate in the mainstream media are relentless attempts to re-write history by concocting dogmas from contorted readings of history in favour of their political godfathers.
While Makau Mutua calls his opposition in the social media apologists of a regime, he is indeed hiding under the same veils, himself being an apologist of an unsuccessful regime of Raila Odinga. But instead of accepting defeat that was so stark and distant, he continues to feed the country with divisive rhetoric.
He continues to push for an argument that is neither true nor holds water. It is true that the Uhuru Kenyatta regime received a wide backing from Kikuyu and Kalenjin. But so did Raila bid for presidency in Luo Nyanza and Kamba land!
Is it fair then for Makau to continue insinuating that the Kenyatta regime is a tribal government? And even if Kenyatta got his votes from solely Kikuyu, or Kalenjin for that matter, what makes a Kikuyu less Kenyan, what makes his vote less of a Kenyan democratic right?
Numbers don’t lie so let me use them.
Uhuru Kenyatta was declared the winner with 6,173,433 votes; 50.07% of the votes cast distancing his closest rival Raila Odinga who had 43.31% amounting to 5,340,546 votes. That victory did not only give Uhuru a first round but also gave his astute political nemesis a wide margin of 832,887. Out of those 6,173,433 votes that Jubilee earned, 2,779,929 were from non-Kikuyu/Kalenjin constituencies.
But it’s rather preposterous that in his Op-Ed Makau deceptively avers that his critics in the social media are “those who believe they won”. Numbers are clear Uhuru won fair and square.
Uhuru Kenyatta received more than 25% of the votes cast in 32 of the 47 counties, while his closest rival had more than 25% in only 29 of the 47 counties in Kenya.
Jubilee coalition has a total of 135 Elected MPs – which increased to 150 after post election deals with Amani and APK – compared to 117 CORD Members. Out of the 135 MPs 73 are from non-Kikuyu/Kalenjin constituencies. All measurable indicators point to a Jubilee win.
The situation is replicated in the Senate where Jubilee (TNA/URP) has 20 elected Senators as opposed to 16 who got there by a cord ticket (Wiper/ODM). If there has ever been a government more Kenyan – at least by elections results – it is Uhuru Kenyatta’s.
So it is not that Kenyans are not confident that Uhuru Kenyatta won fair and square, but it is Mutua’s ill intentioned hate mongering and anger venting that Kenyans cannot fathom. So continue yapping, Kenyans had their say. Mutua is mad coz he never got his way.
Thanks to the new constitutions and reforms that have been instituted since its inauguration in the August of 2010, Kenya did not wield machetes in March 2013. And a military coup that Mutua had prophesied hasn’t happened, neither is it imminent.
His acceptance of the defeat in the last election is half hearted. He, among others, insists to use the word “narrow” in reference to the margin that Kenyatta won the last poll. It was not narrow but indeed a wide margin of over 800,000 Kenyans.
We saw attempts to fuel violence among Kenyans as we awaited the decision of the Supreme Court. And after these attempts failed, Mutua and his ilk embarked on mission to discredit the Kenyatta Presidency and telling the world unsubstantiated lies of a divided Kenya.
The articles that Makau Mutua has been writing should be shunned and stopped. And until then, because Kibunja has failed to tame this illegality, because NMG continues to encourage him by awarding the platform, I’ll encourage social media to stop him. And like me we won’t hide or be anonymous.
So Prof, my name is Mwangi Wa Wanjiku a Kikuyu by birth and name. I am a son of a peasant single mother, so I squarely fit in what you arrogantly call hoi polloi. That notwithstanding, I am a proud Kenyan who speaks three other Kenyan native languages which I learnt by association fellow Kenyans of other walks of life.
I have never seen myself more Kikuyu than Kenyan. But I am tired of the burden of being branded, seen as less Kenyan just because I hail from Central Kenya. What I will not allow is to bear the suffering of the fruits of your reverse tribalism-laced propaganda.
I get caught in the traffic jams every morning among Luos, Kambas, Luhyas and Kalenjins in Nairobi as you enjoy a posh life in New York. I have been jobless for close to a year, struggled to pay fees and bills – and being a Kikuyu did not protect me from that – like many other Kenyans as you enjoy a lucrative professorial job at SUNY.
I therefore have every right to stop you from making it worse for me when you incite Kenyans as you hide behind Western protection. I wish at least you were writing while in Kenya I’d give you a benefit of doubt that you have firsthand experience.
But like a coward, you are hiding in a Western capitol while advancing “foreigner’s interests”- mentoring the next generation of those who will draft laws to fleece the developing world. 
In famous writing “How Europe Underdeveloped Africa”, Walter Rodney asserts: “Any diagnosis of Africa reveals not only low per capita and high protein deficiencies, but also gentlemen who dance in Abidjan, Accra and Kinshasa when the music is played in Paris, London and New York”. He calls them Sell-outs.
I will not be afraid to say that you, Makau, represent the intellectual sell-outs that Walter Rodney infers. You are a puppet (kikaragosi in Swahili) and a traitor doing the bid of your Western masters and your writings a belch of an over-fed stooge.
But as the rest of Kenyans and “Free Media” tell you to move on I will not say the same. I’ll tell you to re-channel that anger for better: offer constructive critic, desist from tribal hatred, be more tolerant to opposing thought and be happier we at home are enjoying a peace, even thought not under the leadership that you’d have preferred – that in the interest of democracy, even if for nothing else.

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