Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Al-Shabaab claims responsibility

Al-Shabaab on Monday claimed responsibility for the deadly attack in Mpeketoni.
The militants, who burnt down 12 houses and 20 vehicles, said the raid was in retaliation of the killing of Muslim clerics in Mombasa.
The terrorists made the claim in a post in their official Twitter account and mentioned Muslim preacher Abubakar Shariff Ahmed alias Makaburi who was shot dead on April 1.
Police described the attackers as an “unknown number of gunmen” who carried out the atrocities from about 9 pm, and went on for three hours, before escaping. No arrests have been made.
A senior security official told the Nation that all indications point to a massacre that was wholly conceived in Kenya. He said that initial intelligence showed that the motive was “political.”
Two high level security meetings were held at the Interior ministry headquarters at Harambee House and State House during which the theory was brought up and discussed at length.
President Kenyatta then ordered security chiefs to move to Mombasa to gather more evidence.
The source said “a series of actions,” would follow in government response to the attack, adding that the measures would be “radical.”
Without explaining further he added: “You will soon (hear) people complaining so loudly but those are decisions that have to be made.”
He went on to say, there was “a big plan” to destabilise the government and those behind it were “financially backed” by foreigners.
The official further said that the weapons used in the attack were smuggled in from Somalia, where Kenya Defence Forces’ since its incursion in 2011 has uprooted Al-Shabaab from areas that it previously controlled.
He said the border is porous and firearms used for other criminal activities were brought into Kenya through the same routes.
A police officer and a reservist were among the people killed. Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Ole Lenku a press conference on Monday to warn inciters.

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