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Enormous CV!!!


Francis Simon Ouma Ogada
(Simmy Ogada)
Francis S.O. Ogada is married with four children. He is a Diplomacy and International Relations Expert. He has mastery of Global Health, Human Safety and Security Specialization on one hand and a shrewd Global Conflict Resolution Mediator & Negotiation Management Expertise. Mr. Ogada is also a Business Project Management guru with experience in diversified Business areas. Some of the specific areas of his specialties include Community Health based Social Services program management, International Public Health, Clinical Research Data and Drug Safety and Surveillance professionalism. Mr. Ogada has been and still is a certified USA Federal Taxation Laws and Financial Counselor for over two decades. Currently, he is a Business Program and Project Management Consultant handling complex and diversified local, national and international assignments most of them working for multinational organizations including the United Nations’ Secretariat and its agencies. He is a Prolific Social, Economic, Cultural Diversity and Political Analyst and stout proven Community Leader. Mr. Ogada has over 25 years plus of hands on work experience that spanned from a humble beginning when he worked for the Kenyan government in the early to mid 1980’s before he relocated from Kenya upon resigning his position after he secured further education in the United States of America. This single move is one of the best choice he had ever made because the education and hands on work experience he achieved will aid him to continue with the free and fair Kenya to all regardless of a a citizen’s tribe, color of skin, gender, place of origin, religion and otherwise save for character and ethics that conforms with the great Republic of Kenya’s constitutional mandate.
Mr. Ogada went to Kiabuya Primary School in Gwassi, Suba Constituency before he proceeded to Port-Victoria Secondary, Bunyala Constituency in Busia County. He took and passed Kenya Advanced Higher Education Examinations, (KACE) a form six examinations then a prerequisite for joining University education while working with Kenya government as an Higher Clerical Officer for six years. Mr. Ogada later proceeded to USA for further studies. He that holds Bachelor of Science degree specialized in International Business Management and Computer Information Systems from Caldwell College in Caldwell, New Jersey, USA and Masters of Arts in Diplomacy and International Relations focused on Global Conflict Resolution & Negotiation Management on one major and Global Health, Human Safety and Security Administration on the other from John C. Whitehead School of Diplomacy and International Relations, Seton Hall University, South Orange, New Jersey, USA. In addition, he successfully completed required MBA courses under the University’s Dual Degree program. Currently, Mr. Ogada is on leave of absence from pursuing his Juris Doctoral, (JD) studies specializing in Immigration, International (Global Affairs) Law, Environmental Law, Constitutional and Commonwealth Law at Abraham Lincoln University School of Law located at Los Angeles, California, USA.
During his graduate coursework assignment at Seton Hall University, John C. Whitehead School of Diplomacy and International Relations and the Stillman School of Business, the institution offered Mr. Ogada a lifetime achievement in a taking, successfully completed with good grades on transcript MBA courses under dual MA/MBA degree program in Diplomacy and International Relations where he earned unparalleled unique combination full of detailed hands on thorough understanding of local, national and international programs and projects. He took challenging coursework workloads where he learnt a lot from the Art of Social Responsibility, Politics of Cultural and Ethnic Pluralism, Business Policy and International Perspective hands on class and work environment driven training.
From the Department of Public and Healthcare Administration, he earned verifiable unsurpassed knowledge, education and skills from Leadership and Management of Nonprofit Organizations course, as well as the Art of Public Service Leadership: Involving Groups and Communities in Decision Making, Healthcare Financial Management and Accounting, Research Methods and Statistical Analysis, Introduction to the US Healthcare System, Healthcare Management in consideration to Global Population Management, Strategic Planning and Marketing in Healthcare Organizations and Healthcare Policy, Marketing Strategies and Management of Community Health based Services among other required coursework for meeting graduation requirements and passed all of them with good grades and honorably. It at this institution where he came in contact with the most experienced, qualified and skilled individuals wearing different hats in their lifetime such as fellow classmates, students and professors most of whom had their fair share as CEOs, CFOs, MDs, in executive job cadre of increased responsibilities, Ambassadors and international Representatives who represented their countries’ interests either in various nations or at the United Nations.
Mr. Ogada earned a lot of knowledge, skills and expertise on global work routine and ethics on diverse disciplines within Diplomacy and International Relations such as the principles of Peacemaking and Peacekeeping in contemporary world, Factors Influencing Africa Displacement and Conflicts in regard to International Migration and Immigration, Strategic Planning in accordance with an International and national organizations as well as world civil service system.
Other areas he sharpened his skills and knowledge that will be highly applicable if offered a chance to become part of the technocrat Civil Service are: Understanding of International Organizations & How they Operate, the Applications of Research Methods in Social Science settings and carried out a very successful on the job Internship for the Masters Research Project at Daiichi Medical Research Institute, a requirement towards meeting goal of and attaining his MA in Diplomacy and International Relations degree.
He also took and successfully completed relevant courses namely, Introduction to International Relations Theory and Practice as Diplomacy demands, perfected more on what best healthcare programs nations need to settle on by undertaking and successfully completing Healthcare Policy course. International Perspective Course helped him as student and a global worker understand how best to tackle daily and complex International Business activities while International Political Economy was a big boost in understanding how to categorize leaders and their leadership ideologies in groups such as Realism, Liberalism, Marxism, Totalitarianism and which distinct leaders apply in governing their countries yet transcend to shape international political, economic and social affairs’ circles.
Taking Human Resources Management in International Organization with specific focus on United Nations and Financial Management in International Organization with special emphasis on International Healthcare Organization were hands on courses aimed at helping him to understand best how to run the personnel and keep away from overspending, misallocation, under spending or misappropriating the organization finances while keeping the funds a float according to FAASB procedures so as to achieve an international organization business mission, vision, short and long term goals.
Given the magnitude of the international social, political and economic issues UN together with other NGO organizations have to deal with, a course in Conflict Preventions Actors, Theory and Practice as well as the course in Cultural Negotiation and Conflict Management came in handy as the best training Diplomacy and International Relations professional could ever avoid for the immense of its need in discharging the International Organizational Services. More so, knowledge in Preventing Humanitarian Conflicts gave him insights on how best to deal with complex social, economic and political situations as they come.
A course on Global Impact on Infectious Diseases brought into light a lot by understanding how an epidemic or pandemic can destabilize and make a positively functioning organization become socially, economically and politically negatively disabled. The vents of the Spanish Influenza are living tales to tell!
With the ongoing global terrorism in all form, shape and kind, courses in International Security and Global Terrorism and Bioterrorism were the best International civil worker weapons he ever earned.
While at Seton Hall University’s John C. Whitehead School of Diplomacy and International Relations, Mr. Ogada was involved in World Leaders Forum Annual Project that brought John Hume, Member of the Northern Ireland Parliament, on March 18, 2004, Shimon Peres, former Prime Minister of Israel, on September 29, 2004, Mikhail Gorbachev, former President of the Soviet Union, on April 19, 2005, and Lech Welesa, former Solidarity Leader and President of Poland, on December 1, 2005. The World Leaders Forum was and still remains, a project designed to provide Seton University students and local citizens living around the Greater New York/New Jersey tri-states area and the UN headquarters environment with an understanding of the events, places, processes, and people that characterize world affairs so as to help global citizens embrace peace creation, making and building via offering individual and group contributions on social, economic and political matters while discharging assigned duties yet remain and become sensitive and comfortable with global situations occurring around them. The World Leaders Forum series also helped students to develop strong diplomatic and international relations foundation based on understanding regional historical background, economy, and ethics based agenda required in mastering current and future foreign affairs intricacies by acquiring leadership qualities and other essential skills prerequisites for diplomacy as needed in all areas national and foreign services management. Further more, World Leaders Forum series focused on nurturing good sense of judgment as well as developing self-confidence in future leaders a trait necessary in succeeding in discharging local, national and/or global services within world public affairs careers.
Failure to mention the experience he received in his studies that earned him Bachelors of Science in International Business Management and Computers Information Systems will be a big omission. The over 145 credits earned in diversified areas of academic and professional learning were an eye opener that has always enabled him to plan, enforce and execute good work ethic practices. He would say that from the experience and skills earned from education and on the job, Mr. Ogada is technically savvy and computer hardware as well as proficient in diversified software languages as his resume supports. Definitely without a doubt, Mr. Ogada feels obliged to mention core curricular activities he has been involved and participated in the course of his lifetime at one point or another. He is therefore, proud to say that despite hard work put in, stressful assignments’ goals desired and met; the resulted success have given him enjoyment he will live to remember all his lifetime. The experience learnt has become part and parcel of both these socio-political-economy groups of whom he has made a mutually exclusive bondage quite an aid to justify a means to an end of any current and future project/project assignment he may be called upon to handle.
Mr. Ogada promises to apply the basic and detailed knowledge and skills he learnt over a period of lifetime that taught him over how to analyze, formulate, negotiate, and implement effective policies and practices in the field of business, healthcare, public administration, diplomacy, peace and reconciliation, conflict resolution and negotiation in quite a few fields of specialty but not limited to Human, safety, security on one hand and Global Health and Trade on the other if and when offered a chance to take up the responsibility of representing the citizens of Homa-Bay County in the great Republic of Kenya’s Senate.
Mr. Ogada chooses to seek your support and votes that will enable him join the great Republic of Kenya’s Legislative Senatorial team. He strongly feels and believes that he has a duty to render selfless services to his people because that would be the only means to give back to the people of Homa-Bay County and the society that so needs his tremendous knowledge on local, national and international issues. He promises to apply superior educationally earned and work experience knowledge acquired at hand in assisting with finding the best positive solutions to the problems be they social ills, economic disparities and political hegemonies such as peace-making and peace-keeping, safety and security matters and interferes with quality of good life living through alignments, re-alignments prerequisites for bridging the local, national and global compactness through partnerships in accordance with the rule of law and/or workeable on sustainability.
Mr.Ogada is a son of Homa-Bay County by birth, born in Rusinga Island with the greater Mbita, Suba region on October, 27th, 1960. He can unequivocally say that he is really eager to rejoin the homeland ground struggle that the Late Gerald Otieno Kajwang’, aka Owad Gi Akoth Bado Mapambano, (RIP) aka left suddenly to us to proceed with.
He pleads with you the electorates to allow him become and remain part and parcel of the Homa-Bay County ground and foot soldier as he is willing, able and available to take challenging senatorial assignments of increasing responsibilities in legislative, an administrative supervisory and managerial level at a moment’s notice while you remain the watch dog of how your tax money works.
Mr. Ogada has excellent Managerial and Administrative Skills with thorough working knowledge of Microsoft Office, MAC hardware and other software driven gadgets with a keen eye for detail, well-versed in the use of social networking sites such as E-Mail, Linked-In, Flicker, whatsApp, RSS Feed, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube among others, very organized, present himself well in acceptable official manner and a team player with the ability to work independently,
reliable, punctual, understands, evaluates situations, monitors their progress, and executes instructions as should be, determined to work hard and focuses on success by avoiding failures.
Last but not least, Mr. Ogada’s proven over thirty years plus of working experience, twenty years in the United States workforce offered him tactful skills that places him over and above other candidates and/or applicants who are competing for position of immense responsibility because his experience are earned from diversified areas of specializations.
Mr. Ogada would remind everybody involved in the process from the government representative, IEBC workers, voter registration, Party,(ies)leadership and membership organs, declared to vie candidates, campaigning period and you the good citizens of Homa-Bay County to present yourself in manners that make other counties’ members and the world envy our stylish means of conducting ourselves at all times.

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