Thursday, 4 December 2014


Over the door of every profession, every occupation, every calling, the world has a standing advertisement: "Wanted—A Man."
Wanted, a man who will not lose his individuality in a crowd, a man who has the courage of his convictions, who is not afraid to say "No," though all the world say "Yes."
Wanted, a man who, though he is dominated by a mighty purpose, will not permit one great faculty to dwarf, cripple, warp, or mutilate his manhood; who will not allow the over-development of one faculty to stunt or paralyze his other faculties.
Wanted, a man who is larger than his calling, who considers it a low estimate of his occupation to value it merely as a means of getting a living. Wanted, a man who sees self-development, education and culture, discipline and drill, character and manhood, in his occupation.
Wanted, a man of courage who is not a coward in any part of his nature.
Wanted, a man who is well balanced, who is not cursed with some little defect of weakness which cripples his usefulness and neutralizes his powers.
Wanted, a man who is symmetrical, and not one-sided in his development, who has not sent all the energies of his being into one narrow specialty and allowed all the other branches of his life to wither and die. Wanted, a man who is broad, who does not take half views of things; a man who mixes common sense with his theories, who does not let a college education spoil him for practical, every-day life; a man who prefers substance to show, and one who regards his good name as a priceless treasure.
The citizens of Homabay county cry, where is the man who will fit the shoes of the late senator Kajwang.Don't look so far for this man.You have him at hand.This man is Moses Otieno Kajwang.

Last evening, 03 December, I declared my intention to run for the Homa Bay Senate seat. I will seek nomination on an ODM ticket. I am going for victory during the 02 February By-Election.
My main agenda is to complete the numerous projects that the Late Senator Otieno Kajwang’ initiated. As you know very well, the role of the Senator is limited to providing political and legislative guidance to the devolved governments and prefecting the Presidency. The Late Senator went beyond this constitutional call and undertook a number of projects to support churches, schools, widows and orphans across the County. While I cannot match his benevolence and charisma, I will endeavor to ensure these projects are gracefully concluded.
The Late Senator dedicated his life to the support of the ODM Party, CORD Coalition and Raila Odinga. He was firmly convinced that Raila Odinga was denied victory in the last two elections. I am similarly convinced, but I believe that in 2017 Raila Odinga will score an indisputable victory. I believe in Raila Odinga as the representation of the true Kenyan spirit of sacrifice, patriotism and servant leadership; these are the vital ingredients that have been lacking in the top echelons of this nation. I believe that he offers the progressive and transformational leadership that we require to join the league of great nations. I believe the Jubilee government and leadership has reached the end of its thinking capacity.
For victory in 2017 to be a reality, we must galvanise the youth vote beyond Luo land. We must acquire national ID cards and register as voters. What many of us don’t know is that voter registration is still open countrywide. I urge all the young people in Homa Bay County to go to the nearest IEBC offices and register as voters so as to participate in this By Election. You can also take the opportunity to transfer your vote. Registration will be closed 45 days to the By Election.
This By Election once again offers an opportunity for the people of Homa Bay to make a clear choice between two forces; those that want a united party and community versus those that want to divide the party and community for selfish personal gain. I represent the youthful forces for unity. I believe that this country needs strong political parties. ODM is the most successful national party and the CORD coalition is the true face of Kenya. Only a mad man would want to follow a passing whirlwind.
Finally, I urge our party members and supporters to conduct these campaigns with decorum and “nyadhi”. Let us address issues. Let us shun those who want to buy our votes; we know that some of them didn’t work hard for that money, you just need to talk to sugar cane farmers or to ODM Agents in the last elections to find the evidence. Let us rally behind the candidate whom the party will eventually nominate.
I ask for your support to be the flag bearer for the party.
Bado Mapambano!

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