Monday, 27 July 2015

Auma Obama, Barack Obama’s half sister has no doubt burst to fame following the first ever visit of her brother to Kenya as USA president.

Dr Auma, the undisputed star of  the Obama visit,  has been virtually to every function that Obama has attended in his three-day visit of Kenya.
An old Photo of Barack  Obama and Auma Obama when they met for the first time in Chicago
Here are a few quick facts about Dr Auma Obama, the first person in Obama’s family to welcome him back in Kenya in the late 80s.
1. She was born in 1960 to Barack Obama Sr’s  first wife Kezia.
2. Auma Obama studied at the Kenya High School.
3. At the age of 17, she already knew how to speak fluent german.
Auma Obama (Left) Barack Obama , Uhuru Kenyatta and Margaret Kenyatta (Right) at the State House dinner.
4. She studied in Germany from 1980-1987 at  the University of Heidelberg.
5. In 1988 Auma Obama started her PhD at University of Bayreuth, Germany until 1996.
6. The Mother of one is currently  East Africa Coordinator for the Aid Organisation Care.
7. When Obama was nominated to run for presidency on the Democratic ticket in 2007, Auma Obama was present.
Auma Obama welcomes his brother Barack Obama at JKIA on Friday upon hi arrival in the country.
8. Like Obama, Auma has also authored a book titled  And Then Life Happens.
9. Auma married a British,Ian Manners,  in 1996 before divorcing in 2006 and came back to Kenya.
10. Auma Obama has been engaged in humanitarian and compassionate roles throughout her life.

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