Monday, 27 July 2015

Two Obama situations that seem mutually contradictory

Barack Obama probably has compellingly good reasons — including time constraints — for not including a visit to K’Ogelo in his present tour of Kenya.
Why is that so difficult to understand concerning a man who, as Atlas, his Pelasgic ancestor, did on his shoulder, carries the whole world’s problems in his Blackberry?
When your father comes from an African tribe but you are the president of the world’s most developed and only superpower, such contradictions are likely to be ineluctable.
But the fact remains that Barack Obama Junior has work to do, work that includes a great deal more than what may immediately concern Africa, Kenya, Luoland and Alego.
However urgent these may be, and however outgoing the US President may prove, Barack Obama’s first responsibility is to his electors. His first obligation is to the American people.
I would fully understand if whatever he did even for Kenya and Luoland was calculated, at least in the long run, to benefit the United States itself in some way.
It would, of course, help matters a great deal for President Obama or his publicity unit to give Kenyans the exact reason their Diaspora son is so keen to spend the least amount of time in his father’s native land. But the prerogative is their own. That is why I wouldn’t demand much more from the US President or his public relations machinery.
Of course, the Luo — a proud people who often feel that official Kenya does treat them not with respect and with justice — may live in the false hope that if the most powerful man in the world carries their blood, then that man should feel obliged to intervene on their behalf.
But the Luo must understand that Barack Obama would be offending the comity of nations if he interfered in that manner in Kenya’s internal affairs.

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