Thursday, 30 June 2016

LAWYER Donald Kipkorir WARNS Dennis Itumbi AGAINST ‘Ethnic’ Profiling the Luo Community on Social Media

LAWYER Donald Kipkorir WARNS Dennis Itumbi AGAINST ‘Ethnic’ Profiling the Luo Community on Social Media
June 7th 2016
By Donald Kipkorir
Dear Dennis Itumbi & Ngunjiri Wambugu :
I consider you my friends because we support the same Government but I disagree with your methods of supporting the Government. And true friends, tell the other when their zip is open in public. In your multiple daily postings on social media, it seems you take it that supporting the Government is abusing, vilifying, denigrating and delegitimizing CORD, the Luo Nation and Prime Minister Raila Odinga every minute. Kenya will never be a united Nation-State nor prosper if we don’t do deliberate efforts to bring all tribes together.
We have a Constitution that entrenches freedoms and rights of political thought, demonstrations and multipartism. CORD therefore have a constitutional right to demonstrate, picket and present petitions every Monday, nay, even every day and night. It isn’t a privilege of any Government. When people destroy property, arrest the individuals, but don’t try to demonize a whole people. The bible and our law is clear that responsibility is individual. Collective condemnation ended with Adolf Hitler, Idi Amin and Pol Pot.
History teaches us that power is transient and illusory and like a candle in the wind, it burns out. We must support our Government to succeed, but treat all Kenyans with utmost respect. To use the name of the Government to segregate part of the country through words that demean them isn’t higher calling. As professed Christians, there ought to be a line in the sand. Let politicians abuse each other, because that is their trade. But for us in the ring-side, we should offer advise that edifices, builds and sanctifies the country. I will never take a side that will destroy Kenya.
God bless Kenya. Read Matthew 5:1-12.

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