Sunday, 25 December 2016

Kenya: Earth Tremors Shake Nairobi

Nairobi — Earth tremors have hit several Kenyan towns causing fears of an imminent earthquake and panic to some residents. One tremor swept through parts of Nyanza and Rift Valley provinces in the early hours of Sunday May 12, 2002. Kisumu, Nyamira and Transmara districts were the first to be hit by tremor that lasted for about five seconds. According to experts, the tremor, which hit the Lake Victoria basin two weeks ago measured 4.0 on the Richter scale.
The second tremor shook Nairobi, Nakuru and Kericho areas on the evening of Saturday May 18, 2002. In Nairobi the tremor occurred at 6.20 pm and lasted about a minute. In Nakuru, slight earth movements were experienced. One started at 6.20 pm and lasted a few seconds. It was followed a few seconds later by two more which were weaker. In Kericho the tremor took place at 6.17 pm.
Hello Mr. Khan,

I am part of Engineers Without Borders-USA Rutgers University Student Chapter working on a water supply project in Kolunje, Kenya (near Kisumu). We plan to construct a 21ft structure to elevate a 16K liter storage tank. Do you know the wind and seismic loads for this region of Kenya or can you please direct me to a source for these numbers?


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Hi Colleen,

Kisumu falls under Zone 6 of the Kenya Earthquake code, which is equivalent to Zone 1 to 2A of UBC-97.

As for wind, Kisumu  design wind speed (3 sec gust) is about 40 m/s if using the old CP3 Chapter 5 code of the UK. If using the latest British standard for wind loading, this translates to a basic wind speed of around 20 m/s.

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