Monday, 10 June 2013


Of Kethi Kilonzo's candidature and the task ahead.

After Hon. Mutla Kilonzo died -in a controversial way ofcourse- there followed a swift change of mind immeadiately after his sendoff. The pain, sorrow and anger that engulfed his family, cord, friends, his electorate an the nation at large gradually faded away. The loud voices demanding the release of autopsy findings, quckly shrinkled and vanished. Not because their love for Kilonzo died too but, because of the controversy that was building around his death day in day out and the task ahead.

We accepted and moved on to focus on what laid before us. Hon. Mutula being a sitting senator, all eyes were on who will succed him and from where? With his daughter having earned himself a celibrity status due to her starling performance-when he represented Africog at the presidential election petition- hers is a case of peoples darling. Many people thought and still think that she can fit perfectly well into her father's political shoes.

Precisely, in the legal fraternity, this learned friend has proved beyond no reasonable doubts that she is a real product of a renowned lawyer. A daughter who never playe Tom and Jerry with his father's money while in school. No skeptism aside. Unless you belong to the other 'group'. Having proved his mettle in the legal field, Kethi was faced with the dounting task of succeeding his father. From the word go, she always seemed reluctant and non-commited to test the murky waters of politics. I personaly empathised with her when i heard her reasons for not wanting to venture into politics. Finally, with constant meetings and a team of experts sent to convince her, she gave in and agreed to carry his father's candle.

This was viewed as a way of paying the last respect to the vibrant WIPER secretary General. And rewarding his contribution to the party and coalition. Many opinionists in the party also argued that Kethi was easily saleble than soliciting for new candidate. However, my opinion was that a new candidate would just sell given a vibrant campaign and good strategies. This was as long as Kethi was reluctant. But, now that she is ready to go for the seat, what is the task ahead?

The task ahead.

Tough challenges lies ahead. We now need sharp minds around Kethi and a team of young devoted politcal strategists to work with and advice her. For your information, the battle ahead is bigger than what you expect. Remember her step mother, Nduku Kilonzo, has been misteriously introduced into the race by Narc and Jubilee- the usual suspects. The man with 30kg beard and Philip Kaloki are also posible spoilers.

Jubilee is not thursty fo this seat, as long as cord doesn't get it, they are contented. That is why they are fronting Nduku Kilonzo, to divide the already intact sympathy votes. If Harun Mwau manages to keep loyalty of his supporters, then pick one vote here and there, you can predict what the future holds for us. This is what we are facing. A dounting task indeed. The fact is that this is the battle we have to win. Not to defeat Nduku, Mwau or Kaloki, but just to humilliate uhuru-ruto and the jubilee turncoats. No option.

What do we need to do?

A vibrant campaign team with practical strategies is vital. Not some theories learnt in classrooms which are only good for passing tests or applicable only in developed democracies. This is Africa and, Kenya to be precise. We should not go into this by-election chest thumping that Makueni is our stronghold. Dare not. Youth groups should traverse the county flying cord colours high. Our agents should be thoroughly vetted to acertain their reliability and competency. Furthermore we need to have a viral propaganda message against jubilee nincompoops.

Jubilee have the instruments of power. They control IEBC and Isaac Hassan slily. Currently, they may be skimming and perfecting their dirty tricks to unleash on us on that fateful day.

We should not blink an eye before and during the election. Let us assist Kethi win this seat. It will best serve our curiosity of dealing the indictees a decisive blow that will leave their tongues wagging. To the people of makueni, are you craving for 30kgs beards, 30kgs of flesh or 30kgs of brain? Make a wise choice.

Hon. Jim Bonnie

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