Sunday, 30 June 2013

Koigi Wa Wamwere: Nudity Of Our Top Leaders Has Persuaded President Obama Not To Visit Kenya.

Koigi Wa Wamwere: Nudity Of Our Top Leaders Has Persuaded President Obama Not To Visit Kenya.
By Hon. Koigi Wa Wamwere via Facebook
As we continue to ask why President Obama will not visit Kenya, we Kenyans have the answer though very uncomfortable to accept.
A king once walked naked through the main street of his city. As he did so, the people cheered and praised the exceptional beauty of the suit of his nudity. However, a child on the shoulders of his father blew up madness of the people when he asked: why is the king naked? The father and others who heard the child dared not answer but knew he was right. Like the king, our leaders are naked after the ICC took off their clothes with their indictment for crimes against humanity. Our top leaders are also nude since they supported one party dictatorship as youth leaders of KANU party.
Deputy President of Kenya William Ruto is even more naked since a local court here found him guilty of grabbing 100 acres of land from an IDP of another community during or after Post Election Violence.
With our leaders naked, how can President Obama easily visit the country they lead? Equally, how can our naked leaders visit other countries? And can anybody allow himself to take a picture with leaders who are naked? Here let us remember we are not talking about nudity of not having clothes on. We are talking about nudity of lacking morality, values and taboos that give leaders credibility and legitimacy.
Here, let us remember clothes however expensive can never cover the nudity of morals and taboos. However expensive the suits our leaders wear, they remain naked. However white their shirts and red their ties are, and imitative of Obama, our leaders remain naked and unacceptable to world community. When will the nudity of our leaders end and make them acceptable to the world? It will end when judgments of their cases in the ICC will declare them innocent. Their nudity would also end if they could resign and allow leaders unassociated with corruption, crimes against humanity and negative ethnicity to assume leadership of the land. Our problem is not from Obama but self-inflicted. Only we can end it.
Those who pretend that Obama’s visit would only affect us negatively should remember without America’s Marshall Plan, Japan, Europe or South Korea would not have reached their level of current development and even China, our new found savior, needs the American market more than they need our market. America or no America, China or no China, Kenyans will never get anywhere with their current mindset that puts leaders above criticism. To criticize a leader is not to insult or disrespect them.
Further, to develop we must need a renaissance and vigorous debate to get the best ideas and leaders for the country. An elected leader is not anointed and should be criticized if he decides to walk naked among people. We are not a monarchy and shall not allow ourselves to be taken back to the days of Kenyatta and Moi.
The point I am raising is above my person or the leaders we are talking about, whether they were elected by a million people or not. Here we are talking about ideas not personalities or popularity. Kenyans should read the book titled: Enemy of the People. One person can be right and a 100 million people wrong. Let no one wave numbers of bribed voters to scare others.

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