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Deloitte to audit social media event

Posted  Tuesday, July 2  2013 at  16:16

OLX Social Media Awards have partnered with Deloitte for the auditing of nominations whose entries closed on Tuesday.
The financial services advisory firm is to provide quality assurance in the SOMA voting exercise which has so far attracted thousands of entries.
Judges have a fortnight to select winners from the nominees who had 26 days to enter the competition.
Kenyan internet users
“We join hands in this venture as a sign that we fully understand the critical role that social media now plays in brand visibility,” said Martin Oduor-Otieno, Deloitte East Africa Partner in charge of Clients and Markets and a senior advisor in Financial Services Industry.
A rapid rise in the number of internet users in Kenya has accelerated the use of social media, igniting a steady increase in the number of businesses using social media platforms for brand awareness and customer service.
Social media
“Social media is now one of the key platforms used by firms to build image, brand and disseminate information on services and products offered,” Mr Oduor-Otieno added.
According to the Communications Commission of Kenya, 17 million Kenyans have access to internet. This is 36 per cent of the total population.
However, statistics indicate the businesses are yet to optimise the use of social media platforms. For instance, 56 per cent of customer tweets to companies are ignored, AllTwitter, an unofficial twitter resource indicates.
Martin Muli, one of the organisers of the OLX Awards, said most organisations have dormant social media accounts, and the active ones bombard the public with bland company information.
A quick review of comments from Soma Facebook and Twitter accounts shows a serious contest between Safaricom and Kenya power shaping up for the customer care category of the Awards, with Orange and Faiba battling for the video of the year category. (READ: Safaricom a devoted brand on Twitter and Facebook)
Winning "netizens"
Churchill Show, Tujuane, The trend are equally emerging as the favourites under the show of the year category.
Maina Kageni and Larry Madowo seem to be winning the minds of “netizens” for the media personality award.
“The OLX Social Media Awards are meant to spur professional use of social media and sustained conversation on these platforms,” said Mr Muli.
The Awards will bring together different social media enthusiasts and organisations to celebrate contributions from social media enthusiasts in Kenya.
“The power has truly shifted to consumers. A recent survey by TNS RMS, a research agency, showed that in contrast to global internet use, social media is far more relevant then e-mail in Kenya, " he added.
A first in Kenya
“The survey actually discovered that out that 57 per cent of Kenyans believe that what other people say about brands online can be trusted more than what the brands say,” said Mr Peter Ndiangui, General Manager of OLX, an online marketplace.
The Awards will culminate in a gala event scheduled for August 9, 2013.
“This is a first in Kenya, we’ve roped in experts from various fields to make sure the Awards are a success,” said Mr Muli.
Other partners include Trinc Media, the Public Relations Society of Kenya, Thinck- a content development firm, Bloggers Association of Kenya and Niaje, an entertainment website.

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