Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sir Charles Njonjo’s prescription for striking teachers

Sir Charles Njonjo’s prescription for striking teachersPosted by: The People in National  

FORMER attorney-general Charles Njonjo says the KNUTs have gone nuts with what has now become an annual ritual called teachers’ strike. He offers The Last Solution. For the striking teachers: “Don’t talk to them; just fire the whole lot and recruit the many qualified but jobless teachers.”
And for the union leaders who have defied court orders: “Put them behind bars and throw away the jail key in the Indian Ocean.”
That’s vintage Sir Charles – ever as tough as nails. In his day of power, you would never have heard of the kind of indiscipline we are now used from our MPs. Knowing that, then as now, many MPs cheat on their mileage claims, he would have them privately investigated and their files kept under lock and key at the CID headquarters.
Mileage claims
Immediately any of the MPs slipped from the narrow and straight, Sir Charles would have his file retrieved from the CID and the poor fellah carted away in handcuffs to Kamiti Prison. Other MPs simply fled their jobs to live in exile once they got wind that Sir Charles had taken interest in their mileage claims. Another tough side of Sir Charles: People talk about eligible bachelors in their 30s and 40s. The man married at 50, which is probably reason why he has lived to hit 93 calendars and still drives himself in the busy Nairobi streets!

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