Thursday, 11 July 2013

Moi threatens MP in Goldenberg row

PHOTO | FILE Parliament Building, Nairobi.
PHOTO | FILE President Daniel Moi caused a furore in Parliament on July 9, 2013 as MPs debated a motion urging the government to put a stop to payments for Goldenberg-type schemes.  NATION MEDIA GROUP
Posted  Wednesday, July 10   2013 at  23:30

Former President Daniel Moi on Wednesday threatened to sue an MP who claimed that he was the biggest beneficiary of the Goldenberg scheme where the country lost billions of shillings in fictitious export claims.
The former Head of State challenged Ugunja MP James Wandayi to repeat the claims outside Parliament. MPs enjoy legal protection for claims made at the floor of Parliament.
Speaking in Parliament, Mr Wandayi called for the formation of a Parliamentary Select Committee to investigate payments made to fictitious companies by successive regimes amounting to Sh5.8 billion from public coffers.
He also linked the former president and his allies to the scandal.
But in an SMS sent to newsrooms on Wednesday, Mr Moi’s personal press secretary Lee Njiru accused the MP of lying.
“These allegations are false and scandalous. Mzee Moi has therefore challenged the MP to repeat the same outside the National Assembly and face tough legal action,” read the text message.
In a motion filed in Parliament, Mr Wandayi said an inquiry would enable Kenyans know who was behind the payments and reveal the identity of the beneficiaries.
He expressed concern over the “debts” emanating from the Goldenberg saga saying it could cripple the country’s economy.
Likening the saga to a merry-go-round, Mr Wandayi termed it as sheer impunity whereby hard earned revenue was channelled to companies related to Goldenberg.
He said the committee will look into why the recommendations of the Bosire-led judicial Commission of Inquiry into the Goldenberg scandal have not been acted upon.
The commission was formed in 2003 and its recommendations have not been released.

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