Wednesday, 17 July 2013

TNA’s vexatious attacks on Prof. Makau Mutua are unwarranted, suspicious and preposterous

TNA’s vexatious attacks on Prof. Makau Mutua are unwarranted, suspicious and preposterous 
By Hon. Jim Bonnie
Bloggers, social media users – on Facebook and twitter, media operatives and columnists allied to or related to Uhuru and by extension TNA, should cease feeding us these craps. My fury has hit the ceiling and i will tell you why.
TNA through its uncouth media operatives has been scavanging on Prof. Makau Mutua for allegedly “pressing too hard” on them. Their supposed rebuttal of Makau’s articles published on Sunday Nation has taken a hazardous “tribal lane”.
Instead of countering these facts with an open mind, these oafish Kenyans have selected to lay bare their “third grade” thinking in the guise of “opinions”, in the Kenyan Dailies and posts in the social media. Surprisingly, the compromised Kenyan media continue to give these goons coverage.
It is true these Uhuru supporters have taken 2007/8 PEV to the social media. I try to imagine what they would have done to the professor if he was full time in Kenya, considering our “dark” history as a country.
It’s an open secret that Uhuru has sanctioned these perky lies and lethal attacks. It’s so because, on connecting the dots, you notice that the “soldiers” act under and protect one disdainful commander – Uhuru Kenyatta.
“Sometimes silence is betrayal”, said Martin Luther King jnr. I can’t keep quiet as these hired “assassins” and peddlers of ad ominem propagate concocted falsehood against Prof. Makau Mutua and crucifying him just because he doesn’t harbour their ostracized views.
Makau’s views which annoy TNA are proven facts. Doesn’t Uhuru appoint his tribesmen in almost all government portfolios? The bald headed former dictator – Mwai Kibaki – was no difference. It’s only a fool who can trivialize such facts which Makau writes extensively about.
As if that isn’t enough, TNA foot soldiers want to sweep under the carpet the fact that “the baby president” rigged his way in. They have taken advantage of the media they control and own with their cohorts to make their attacks go viral.
Your threats, intimidation or bullying will not force us to pamper Uhuru. I doubt whether Makau is seeking any favours from TNA followers or leadership. In any case, TNA’s reactions to Makau’s articles were expected. We know how callous and dangerous they can be!
I can’t dance for the “King” even when he is “naked”. You should spare us the nonsense. Imagine that within one hundred days in office, “your king” has worked hard to ensure we are the fourth most corrupt country on earth, our kids are out of school, price of basic commodities is on the rise et el, Does it sound funny?
Prof. Makau Mutua may be allied to CORD – of course rightly – but, unlike you, he isn’t blind to facts. Your incorrigible minds always lie to you that anybody criticizing Uhuru is an enemy. Your skewed analyses of opponents’ arguments constantly provoke you to violence – your game.
You have never learnt to contend with divergent opinions. I am confident that only few columnists play in the league of Prof. Makau Mutua – dean of the University of Buffalo Law school and SUNNY distinguished professor.
He is a lucid author, open minded and a valiant patriot who minces no words in his articles. Attacking him without valid reason is suspicious and gratutious.
The disservice i can do to Makau is to stay calm as some low ranked individuals and intellectual fools instigate contemptuous attacks on him. I don’t want to miss my pleasurable Sundays courtesy of his articles.
To the scavangers”, Prof. Mutua is not alone in this. He is one among many patriots. If you feel offended, do what you are good at. Retreat to your tribal cocoons and regroup then come prepared.
I can’t ask you to change because, in your dictionary, that word was long deleted. By who? I don’t know!
Hon. Jim Bonnie is a prolific writer and political strategist

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