Monday, 23 November 2015


This is an interview by Hon Raila Odinga while in the UK with a Daily nation journalist on what he would do if/when elected president.
Among his first point of action, Hon Raila said that he would create an government that has zero tolerance in corruption. Whereas he admitted that it is nearly impossible to get a cabinet or a government that is has zero tolerance to corruption, he stated that his government will do everything to curb this menace.
Among the options he would explore, Hon Raila said his government will not have any form of favoritism and anyone implicated in corruption will immediately step down to allow for independent investigations.
In his interview he also touched on politics stating that his commitment to ensuring our borders are secured is still priority. He reminded us that even during the attacks, he did make personal calls to the president reiterating his support and the support of the opposition to fight terrorism.

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