Thursday, 12 November 2015


The Son of Seme, I salute you.
If the rumours going round insinuating your intention to run for the Kisumu Gurbetorial seat, is anything to go by, I only seek for your response regarding my observations in the recent past.
For clarity, I come from Seme Katieno, within a constituency you have represented since the times of Ndolo Ayah.
The developments, real and perceived during your times as the MP and now Senator I beg to push for a number session.
I beg to take you back to 2012. Prof Anyang Nyongo, Min for Medical Services.
Your management of family is perfect. Courtesy of Dorothy and Peter Nyongo, Kenya has been on international limelight in Hollywood. Our own Lupita Nyongo making Kisumu County standing tall, with the rest of the world.
Well, that was family management.
Prof Nyongo, can you convince a Kisumu electorate to trust you with the management of the County, when little spell in Medical Services Ministry left your image dry and hollow?
It's under your watch and perhaps facilitation, ksh 700m planned to pay fictitious Medical Institutions was stopped. Not by Nyongo. Atwoli.
Kenyans can vividly remember the infamous Meridian Medical Centre. It's under your watch and perhaps facilitation ksh 30m was paid to ghost facilities of this Meridian Medical Center. Bw Sen, Clinix Health Care received sh 202m. Kenyatta Hospital, taking almost 5000 patients daily got only sh 1 m allocation.
Hon Nyongo, Kisumu cannot forget September 2012.
Rather than dialogue with the striking workers, you called for arrest for those among them agitating for Union. In fact i hear you called 'zombies'.
The nurses, doctors and public health personnel are voters of Kisumu. They have not forgotten.
Your lack of foresight in resolving industrial unrest demonstrated by your choice of response in September 2012, earned you, foul reputation of a reckless manager.
I honestly do no think you can take Kisumu County to the next level of Development. No.
As a political science professor and in spite of lofty academic credentials, you performed worse than semi illiterate cabinet ministers in Moi's time. Both in your then Ministry of Medical Services and MP.
Against pleas from stakeholders, you insisted that National Hospital Insurance Fund premiums be increased. This was insensitive to economic malnourishement of your people. Unfortunately, it's now way beyond the common Kisumu electorate. Just because of your greed to loot.
Hon Nyongo, would you have the audacity to seek votes in Nyakach when you unceremoniously sacked their son, Prof Richard Muga for blocking your looting spree at NHIF?
Woud Rata, what can you comment on the alleged loot of sh 900m wired in to Jersey Island on March 2013.
Are you aware that our beloved Lupita Nyongo, an alleged beneficiary of your loots during your time in the Medical Ministry is tormented by negative publicity in Hollywood due to your alleged corruption?
I hope Kisumu people are aware of your bill in Senate that shall regulate harambee of which I believe you and so many Kenyans have benefited from.
I hear people have to declare their levels of education before considering any assistance. I also hear that you are stingy and never part with cash for your people. Is this why you are scared of harambee?
Well Bw Nyongo, you don't deserve my vote. In Kisumu, we need those with renowned development track records.
And by the way, what have you done as the Senator to the people of Kisumu? Think that should be my piece for the next page.
# you can't retire in Kisumu. Rata would be fine.

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