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Posted Wednesday, November 25, 2015 | by- DAILY MONITOR Do not believe what Museveni tells you, Besigye tells Ugandans

KAMPALA, Tuesday
Forum for Democratic Change presidential candidate Kizza Besigye has told Ugandans not to believe President Yoweri Museveni when he says he will not seek re-election in 2021. PHOTO | DAILY MONITOR | NATION MEDIA GROUPForum for Democratic Change presidential candidate Kizza Besigye has told Ugandans not to believe President Yoweri Museveni when he says he will not seek re-election in 2021.
Museveni, 71 said at a press conference during his tour of West Nile last week that should he win next year’s elections, he would respect the law that bars anyone above 75 from contesting for presidency.
“What am I planning to do? I will follow the Constitution,” Museveni said.
However, Besigye said Museveni was not sincere.
“An adult cannot change. Do you think Museveni can stop telling lies?” he asked a crowd at a rally in Budadiri, Sironko District.
He also reacted to an article in one of the dailies in which presidential adviser John Nagenda said Museveni would respect the law.
“It is surprising that Nagenda thinks some Ugandans still listen to Museveni and his term talk,” Besigye said.
In 2001, Museveni said if given a second term in office, he would step down in 2006. The constitution was later amended to do away with term limits.
There are claims that NRM, which enjoys a 67 per cent majority in parliament could amend the law to increase Museveni’s terms.
Besigye also drew in presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi, who was a powerful figure in Museveni’s government until they fell out.
“You have heard Mbabazi say he parted ways with the president because Museveni lied to him about this being his last term,” he said.
In Kitgum, President Museveni said he would fix problems in education by building a primary school in every parish and a secondary school in every sub-county countrywide. 
The NRM leader was addressing a rally at Boma Grounds.
He reiterated his promise to provide pupils with sanitary towels, pens, pencils and exercise books to support free education. 
Museveni also promised to invest Sh600 billion in the next five years for wealth creation.
He said the money would be used to make every household have an acre of citrus trees or coffee.  
Earlier, he told a gathering that included relatives of people killed in the Namokora and Mucwini massacres of 1986 that he had instructed the solicitor-general to investigate the incidents but did not explain why it had taken that long to address the matter. 
The victims’ relatives, who are demanding compensation, want the government to build a monument in memory of the people reportedly killed by the army’s 35th Battalion.
And in an interesting twist, Museveni said he was ready to take on Besigye, Mbabazi and other candidates in a televised debate.
“I am ready for Besigye, Mbabazi and other candidates for the debate. What is wrong with that? I am mobile with my mouth. I do not leave it at home,” he said.
Last week, Dr Besigye dared the president to a live television debate.
In Kayunga, Farmers Party of Uganda presidential candidate Benon Biraaro,  promised to build a special prison for those convicted of corruption if he was elected president.
“The prison will be at Kidepo National Park in Karamoja. If they attempt to escape, they will be eaten by lions,” Maj Gen (rtd) Biraaro said.
The rally in Nazigo was temporally stopped by the Kayunga District NRM boss Moses Karangwa who distributed President Museveni’s posters.
In Buikwe, presidential aspirant Abed Bwanika showered praises on the Milton Obote and Idi Amin regimes.
Dr Obote, the founding leader of Uganda People’s Congress was president from 1966 to 1971 and 1980 to 1985 while Amin ruled the country from 1971 to 1979.
These two regimes were criticised internationally for gross human rights violations.
The People’s Development Party boss said Obote and Amin left lasting legacies.

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