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SAFARICOM CEO Bob Collymore marries Wambui Kamiru, ex-wife of Joseph Kinyua

By DIKEMBE DISEMBE | April 3rd at 3:54pm
When Bob Collymore, Safaricom CEO, this Saturday tied the knot with Wambui Kamiru, it was the end of the road for another man, Joseph Kinyua, whom Wambui hurriedly 'divorced' when she started philandering with the loaded Collymore. 
Blogger Bogonko Bosire, who disappeared in 2013 soon after blogging President Uhuru to power, had written this of the love affair that, according to Bogonko, created 'marital woes to an ordinary African family':
The last thing a big and honourable CEO like Bob Collymore, who earns millions a month, wants is to be entangled in a Third World divorce case involving two twins who have been consigned to life in a broken home – which according to many studies will ultimately affect their ability to live a productive life. It is bad, mad and sad.
That was unforeseen when he befriended Wambui Wamae Kamiru, a woman legally married to Joseph Kinyua in 2007. Three years later, the Third World couple bore twins, hopelessly lovely little angels.  It was a happy family, until Collymore came to town, not only to boost the pathologically liquid communication giant, but to bring marital woes to an ordinary African family.
Collymore became emotionally involved with the married woman when his philanthropic wing of the mobile and data giant participated in a fundraiser for survivors of the Loreto Convent Msongari school bus crash that occurred in July 2011. Wambui was part of the event in her capacity as an alumnus. Commendably, they helped the injured girls, but diabolically they shoved aside twins who are too young to know what is unraveling and the impact it would have in their future. They would become pawns in the sleazy chess game of emotions and sex.
Around that time, devoid of her husband’s knowledge, Wambui started going out with Collymore while still living with her husband. Collymore even used to drop her at her marital home after their dates and God knows what happened at their dates. Your guess is as good as mine, but since we were not there, we do not like to speculate. We are honourable people.
But remember, then as it is now, she is still legally married to Kinyua, until the court finalises their divorce. But if there is anything that happened in the bedroom, I can comfortably say it was damn infidelity. God hates infidelity. And in this case, it offers a measured window into the cesspool of debauchery; a ghost and demons story into a fairy tale of doomed romance in modern families.
Now here is the interesting part. Wambui has filed for divorce from Kinyua on grounds of cruelty while Kinyua has counter-filed on grounds of infidelity, touching off an emotionally-drenching ping-pong game. And both claim to have evidence, yes they may have, but still what about the future of the twins. God’s innocent angels.
This has all the ingredients of a fascinating court room drama because in Kinyua’s court papers, Collymore is named – sadly as a respondent – and I do not want to think what he will say when Kinyua’s lawyers – Chacha Odera – cross examines him on that “infidelity bit.”
And Wambui cites cruelty. Well, maybe so, but at the look of things, facts do not add up. If you husband is a monster – of which Kinyua might be or not – you do not leave him and immediately land on the lush hands of a millionaire. Again, I do not know what happened, but this is stuff I only see in Hollywood B-rate movies and TV series.
Now, let’s expand the picture and include another innocent victim. Safaricom.  Would it’s already worthless shares tank because its head – a native of Guyana — is tangled in a sex drama in a Third World nation that is just hobbling from a devastating post-election mayhem that among other things created orphans, widows and widowers.
Well that aside, I leave to econo-sexologists to debate for I am just a journalist who believes Karma is a bitch.
Currently Wambui, who drives a damn expensive Lexus , shares custody of children with her husband. Many sources told the Jackal News that Collymore is often seen with the twins in Village Market or Westgate shopping and other plush malls.
The new love birds have tried to make people believe that the divorce from her husband was finalised before they met: this is not true: she is still a married woman. Court papers are public and available that show that the divorce is far from being concluded. They have never even yet met before a judge. I pity Collymore more than I pity Wambui, who will come out as perhaps a gold digger, who cared less about raising her twins in a normal family set-up.
Well, veteran family lawyer Judy Thongori is representing Wambui in the nasty divorce case, therefore, Collymore is named as a co-respondent in the case.  He will therefore, at one point, have to appear in court to testify to infidelity allegations and being the cause of the breakdown of the marriage.
Despite that fact, they do not hide their relationship and can often be seen out together. They even attended presidential inauguration and luncheon together. They were captured on live TV arriving at Kasarani together, as well as seated together for the lunch at State House.
 I do not want to speculate because divorce cases are full truths, half-truths, propaganda and outright lies, but I hear that Kinyua and his wife are the biggest enemies in town. And the biggest causalities are the twins and Safaricom.
These are pertinent questions that will emerge at the rather nasty divorce that is in the works. What about Collymore himself: what became of his wife?  As he was carrying on affair with Wambui, he appeared in Safaricom newsletter talking about how he is a family man.
As a damn proud Kenyan, here is my biggest fear. Bob Collymore is not Kenyan and if he marries Wambui, the court will have to take a hard look about the future of the twins. Collymore might leave Kenya with his would-be wife, opening a potentially devastating showdown about the custody of the kids. While the kids are too young to decide whom they want to stay with, I suggest the court to take a hard look at this case and explore to the depth of the drama, then decide.
But imagine, a foreign boss of a company linked with British giant, Vodafone, is embroiled in a devastating, soulless and nerve-wracking divorce in the Third World. Word in town, which is purely speculation, is that the Safaricom board of directors fears that Collymore marital drama are not good for the company.
I do not care about the Kinyua-Wambui-Collymore needless love triangle; A two-act play that was a drama, comedy and tragedy all in one, a chock full of propaganda and lies as expected, including this doozy characters, but I truly feel for the twins who for better or for worse will not lead a normal life for now, these three shady architects are treating the kids future as a distant dream.
Things are more twisted than I thought. A heart-wrenching poem Wambui posted on her blog, offers a rare glimpse into her heart. A woman’s heart.
“How do I love again from this once breathless place; this place zipped over steely heart; how do I come this place apart;  clenched in numbing pain, clenched in numbing pain; heaving chest with dried up tears&quot

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