Thursday, 21 March 2013

NEWS : Taken from Kenyan Daily express

NEWS : Taken from Kenyan Daily express.

The March election was rigged. This is what the European Union Diplomats are saying now barely weeks after they said that the Kenyan election was free and fair.

After doing intensive post election investigations, the envoys have found out the secrets of hacking and rigging and have now resorted to withdraw their earlier statements.

“The European Union Election Observation Mission is closely following the petition filed at the Supreme Court. Impartial and expeditious handling of petitions, in a peaceful atmosphere is an important part of every democratic electoral process. To observe this important phase, EU election observers will stay in Kenya until the Supreme Court delivers it ruling,” the statement said which was made public on Tuesday.
EU body said that the processing of official results lacked transparency and the winners became losers in a report written last week. They said they are critically looking for the Supreme Court ruling to make their final statement.
They envoys highlighted the failure of electronic voter identification resulting in an inconsistent method of verifying voters identity.

They also said CORD party agents were not allowed to see how tallying was carried out, including in the Bomas of Kenya which puts the credibility of the IEBC into question

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