Sunday, 24 March 2013

Zimbabwe: President Mugabe back home

President Mugabe
The Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Mugabe, is back home from Rome, Italy, where he attended the inaugural mass by the new Roman Catholic Church leader, Pope Francis I.Cde Mugabe, a devout Catholic and the First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe were among the hundreds of thousands of Catholic Church members and others from other denominations who took part in the historic event where a non-European pope was officially installed at the Vatican City.According to ZBC President Mugabe was welcomed at the Harare International Airport by Vice President Joice Mujuru, Cabinet Ministers, Defence Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa, State Security Minister Sydney Sekeramayi, Minister of Transport, Communication and Infrastructural Development Nicholas Goche and Media, Information and Publicity Minister Webster Shamu, service chiefs and other senior Government officials.Pope Francis, formerly the arch-bishop of Buenos Aires in Argentina was appointed to the helm of one of the world’s oldest churches last week, replacing 85-year-old Pope Benedict XVI, who resigned due to old age last month.While in Italy, President Mugabe met Auxiliary Bishop to Rome, Bishop Matteo Zuppi, who played a pivotal role in bringing peace to Mozambique. Bishop Matteo, applauded Zimbabweans for voting peacefully in the constitutional referendum. - Herald/ZBC news.


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  • Edzai
    Pope Benedict  XVI  resigned due to old age at 85. What about 89. Nxa!

  • Tambai Mushe
    ...replacing 85-YEAR OLD Pope Benedict XVI, who resigned due to OLD AGE.... Need I say more>> I'm sure the reporter is regretting factoring in this statement given the obvious...

  • Tobias
     Nhaiwe Edzai! Saka kwenyu munodzinga vakuru padare nokuti vakura mosara imi muchiita zvemahumbwe. Zvino kwedu ndoovatinoda padare vanopa mazano guidance neexperience. Ndosaka matare enyu achibuda nehurongwa hwakafumuka sokuroora mukadzi womuramba ne 5 days nokutinhira rovambira mumba makarara mukadzi nevana nokushamwaridzana nengochani.

    Age aint nothing but a number!!

  • Gandanga101
    Shungu dze benzi, tuku tuku nekwausingadiwe. Ndicho chii ichocho. The reporter deliberately didnt tell us that he went to Rome with 100 other "stuff" members and govt ministers who went on a shopping spree.

    Manje haunyare kunyepa zviri pachena so??!!......"...nekwausingadiwe"?? If that was true why did the new pope spend time talking to Gushaz??!! Handiti ma-pictures makaaona??....

  • zimbotray
    As we are supposed to be looking East shouldn't he be visiting the Dalai Lama?

  • Chaipa
    The 100 devout followers that accompanied the President were undoubtedly inspired to emulate him and become loyal Catholics assiduously following the 10 commandments, and the Pope's examples of humility and poverty, cooking his own meals, taking the bus.....

  • zimbotray
    Nice to see he was welcomed by the usual cheerleaders. Have they nothing better to do?

    Bitter & disgruntled ex-Rhodies!!.....

  • loonex
    Who cares what the geriatric does.  He is a hypocritical Catholic - up to his neck in corruption and violence. He jsut embarrased Zimbabwe and the church by being there for a shopping trip. Disgusting.

  • Tobias
     Is that what you call your grandpa? Are old people disgusting to you? Then u are the devil

  • sambiri
    Bob jet leg ichakubaya post losing June election!

    Guess what, Chematama ndiye ari kudyiwa!!

  • Weeka
    The Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces,...........who cares about all these self given titles or who are meant to incite fear?They actually wont!

  • zimbotray
    "The Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces".....why can't you just say President Mugabe?

  • george a
    Tedious am not sure if u were told by yo mum dat wehn sum1 gets old  is useless, tired and stupid? if so then so r yo parents too. u need to find a new young mother and father for yoself. kkkkkkkkkk. the man u thgink is stupid and so tired is much more educated and blessed dan most of us

  • Fourspear
    Muzodziwa zvake akadzoka nerimwe
    ZODZO.kana makasvotwa JEHOVAH
    anongovachengeta.Long Live

  • Bepa ravanhu
    Mamwe maDictor haa fe

    Upenyu ndehwaMwari....pamwe iwe ndiwe unokwanisa kutotungamira!!

  • Ageo
    saka if age is meant for resignation , why doesnt the QUEEN in britain not do so first since she is much older dan our EXCELLENCY? need to think zimbos d west complain old age on ours why not kwavo first

  • zimbotray
    Because she is only a figurehead and does not actually make or enforce laws. Very different from our situation. It really shows how misunderstood the West and how it is run is by most Zimbabweans. To much propaganda is taken as fact.

  • Fourspear
    Ivo Jehovah vega ndivo vanochengeta
    madzishe avo.kana makawawata sei.
    Iye MUSIKI ane chekuita nemuzodziwa
    wake.FATHER bless nd protect our great
    leader nd shame the devil.amen nd amen

  • Fourspear
    Muchasvotwa ana edzai etc otha puppets.
    Mwari ndiye anogadza madzishe ake.
    Parezvino Jehovah ndivo varikungochengeta
    muzodziwa wavo.GOD bless nd protect
    our Great leader.amen nd amen

  • Rose
    No one in his right mind will agree about inviting his pope to Africa, maybe Zvimba.

  • Smagombo
    Are the Catholics Christians or what?

  • hwabwatya
    shjut up you morons. mugabe is an international hero .get that!!

  • zimbotray
    No he is not. Internationally he is known as a tyrant

  • Hamandishereliance
    whats all this nxaa

  • Shame
    A discussion on Samanyika's Sabath Sunday comment
    Ngifuni kuthi umgane wami uSamanyika (wasu) atshiye ukulandeleni ibhinya road, asarasike lezindawo zeSabath-biblical day of worship. Nyaya haisi yekuti ngana musabata kana muroma. Issue iripo ngeyekuti sibhalilwe ethini  mubhuku yinxwele. Bhuku inoti (Genesis 1-2) Unkosi UmKhulumkhulu akasika denga nenyika in 6 days and rested on the seventh day and he hallowed and blessed it.Deutoronomy (Mutemo) further explains that the seventh day seperated for rest was the Sabath (Shabat (Hebrew). This is the only meaningful calendar relevant to this discussion.The Aramaic Greek calendar (Abraham's servant Eleazor of Damascus schooled in Aramaic Greek scribed these) resonates with God's creation week calendar.  Enter Augustos Ceaser and his Roman calendar side by side with a litany of popes and fathers feigning holy devotion to christian evangelism and preventing the law of reproduction amongst themselves. Ceaser aligned the worshiping of the Roman God of the daylight "Sun' with christianity as much as he directed that the desecration of Appostle Peter's faith by appointing him sainthood after the Romans nailed him upside down and further building the Catholic church headquarters St. Peters Bassillica on top of peter's tomb (now ain't that worshiping the dead?). Because Ceaser was a politician more concerned with numbers and followers, all he did was boost the clergy arm of the Roman empire with a hybride of christian faith + sun- god worshiping. He changed the times set in Genesis 1-2 for worshiping God most high from shabbat day to Sun God worshiping day. Isiah observes of the deception of Satan 'that he causes the changing of times and turns many away from the respect of fertility'.A faint this Roman Catholic Church and a deception of the true christian faith. The very testimony of what Isiah said of satan. Revelations 1 bears testimony to the whims of augustus Ceaser who called Sunday the lord's day. The catholic churh began as apolitical project of the Roman empire and Satan himself authorised it. Thats exactly how it will end. Remember the Roman empire was premised on three wings. The church (with pontif maximus(most holy) at the helm) , the Government (headed by politicians like Ceaser himself), and The Army (headed by colonising generals such as Pompei and Romel) Tarry a while longer dear readers for revelations. The collapse of the physical hence geographycally visible Roman empire was not the end, but the beggining of a new era. The roman empire assumed an invisible kingdom; the virtual empire that rules the world through the church by influencing events, governments, economics, even amagedon. Revelations refers to the collapsed roman empire as the wounded beast whose ten horns were castrated but one remaineth-and it has an eye on it (If I did not see this horn on the US$1 not then I am an idiot) And that wounded beast's wound was healed, and he exchanged power  with the serpent so that he could persecute those without the mark of the beast, causing that they would not buy or sell (now thats a deeper subject for this forum to finish off) .And behold the mark of the beast is 666 (Dear readers, have you ever head of the catholic pope Vicarius Philadei the Sixth?) This catholicism influences the appointment of kings, trade and commerce, wars, churches, even time itslef and what not?  And to think that the vatican is an independent state within Rome? Isn't that exactly what Lucifer desired to do in the seventh heaven? Create a kingdom within the kingdom by leading away a third of the heanevly host? Surely this catholicism has gone way beyond Rome and Augustos Ceaser where it all began and will darg  many to the bottomless pit. Babylone the mother of halots, says the book of Revelations. Come out of it my people!

  • Cmupinga
    Ndinopakutenda kunaMwari baba vanopa creamy natural comments to true naturalists.Verima ma artifialists vanongoomoka tsvina dzasatanini regayi vadye hwenya vachati baba ndagura vouya kuchiyedza.

  • De-Kaffirnated Joe
    Madzoka Shefu !

  • mubvunzo
    im very sceptical with how all world leders cult worship the pope, can you be a president without the catholic church's approval, what do you do and who do you worship in return, which church persecuted Christians in the dark ages, which church burnt bibles, which church changed the commandment of God and started worshiping on Sunday, which church is rife with sodomy & rape scandals, who chooses the pope in such secrecy, what does the word pope mean..... people of Zimbabwe need to do research on these churches for they may lead you into eternal destruction...
    what was so special in attending the pope's innaguration, if he didnt attend would he have lost his position to Tsvangirayi, is Tsvangirayi a catholic, if he is not what does it mean to his chances of winning the elections...........DARK SECRETS OF THE WORLD

    Please name just ONE church which is clean!!....

  • Samanyika
    Panyaya yeSunday mumwe wangu usarasike, We use Roman calender and the real Sabbath was back there in the Greek calender. Saka kana urimusabbata dont lie to yourselves panyaya yesabath. Chena pamoyo, ita zvingodiwa ndimwari  zvakare iwa nezuva rimwe raunozorora uchikudza Jehovha. Izvi zvekuti ngariwe sabata its meaningless becoz it had been already distorted by the roman calender.

  • Observer
    Can you please further clarify on the distortion of the sabbth by the roman calender & the meaninglessness of 'sabata' against the meaningfulness of sunday. Please use adequate bible references to help us learn meaningfully.Please avoid emotional outbursts. Thank you.

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