Saturday, 23 March 2013



African leaders sleeping in a UN Summit. They started dozing after discussion on developmental aid.
* When they were deliberating on energy and power, they were sleeping.
* When they were deliberating on economic development, they were sleeping.
* When they deliberated on food security, they were asleep.
* When they fixed interest rate on debtor's (African) loans, they were asleep.
* When they deliberated on conflict resolution through dialogue they were already snoring.
They only woke up, to support motion for adjournment and signed the communique.
Of course!, they need rest, they worked tirelessly back home clamping down their opponents and critics.
They Spent the night strategising on the next move to subdue their opponents, embezle more resources.
Back home, airports were closed 2 hours before their arrival, motor-ways were blocked 1 hour ahead, Armed Policemen stood guard 8hours before arrival. Rented crowd clamoured under sun to cheer them up, WHAT HAVE THEY BROUGHT HOME?

Kindly take time to read the comments below to update yourself on how Africa thinks.Why is corruption, greed, dictotorship, ... etc. condoned in Africa?Is it only the leaders to blame? Could African citizens themselves have a role in perpetuating this ugly shame.It's no doubt that it's embarassing but where does the root course lie? And what is the way forward addressing it to give a better picture of the continent we all admire?

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